View Full Version : Kudos

05-09-2015, 04:32 AM
What's the point? Two days in playing on the ps4 and I've already nearly obtain everything you can buy with kudos and I'm now just stacking up kudos with nothing to buy. And I seen there is a VIP bonus for kudos, but with it being as easy as it was to get all the units/items. . .who would care for the vip bonus. Now granted it prolly would of taken me much longer had I not redeemed the Uplay rewards, for I had a load of points saved up from other UPlay game. But devs had to know it was going to be an option. Hell I got 25k from those kudos caps alone.

Does PC version have more use of kudos we can expect later?
Is there something else to do with em? Gamble maybe?