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05-03-2015, 06:35 PM
Everyone know about the Sky Woman myth from AC Rogue,some producer said that is a real myth from north american natives,but if they put here because of his rhyme with AC universe ?

I will post some kind of analysis here :

in my theory The skywoman is Juno,one of war letters you found in New York show some Hermetiscist guy that said that he is after the sky woman.

the myth has some absurdity,but it is because of the corruption from the true history after been passed from person to person.

The first part of the myth tell about ''The great spirit'' who give order for the world.is he the ''father of understanding ?'' we know that juno's Father is killed by humans,this is from one of AC 3 email's,

the second part of the myth tells about ''the good'' and ''the bad'' spirit's,for me this is a great assassins vs templar metaphor,but whem is the good or the bad is a fact of perceptive,neither assassins or templars
are good or bad.

The last part is very interesting,because its shows that the myth rhymes with Shay's live.

''There still evil in the world,but people can also also cast out this evil and find the good spirit within.all people can find the path they follow''

I very curious to see other people's interpretation of this myth principally from RinoTheBouncer.

05-03-2015, 06:58 PM
the myth has some absurdity

Everything related to TWCB has some absurdity :nonchalance:
But yeah, I thought it was talking about Juno as well