View Full Version : Unknown version of Jesper Kyd - Aphelion

04-30-2015, 12:29 AM
I know this is not a AC soundtrack it was just in an AC3 trailer. The track is well known within this community so I was hoping someone might have discovered what I have. There are 3 versions; Main, Underscore and 30 sec according to the licencing company West One Music - http://www.westonemusic.com/album?catno=WOM_FEM_0007

Now, the main version is what everyone is familiar with however when it is compared to SoundCloud's and Jesper Kyd's official website player the track is different.

They are subtle but at 0:19 (start of vocal) and 0:39 (beat drop) there is a difference. The start vocals have another instrument added and the drums are louder.