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In past Assassin's Creed games it was very disappointing how Modern Day was treated, for AC3s horrible execution of the ending and really boring AC4/Rogue and almost non existent in Unity. I would like to put a idea that is not going too far and not asking for too much regarding modern day. Like RinoTheBouncer said "if you want to make ppl excited in MD, you have to make it exciting''. What it would be really great is to have an HQ idk just some SPACE from where we operate and from there we can choose our gear/gadgets and the missions simply can be linear not a problem at all with this, make it exciting and epic, a great plot, hunt for modern day Master Templars and make it realistic and dangerous since if we look at it we will not be facing some guards with swords and flintlocks but something like SWAT or some Paramilitary enemies, stealth should be highest of priority, and bring back third person modern protagonist. I know it's easier said than done yes but i have faith that UBI can do it, they are fantastic talented developers and they are up to the task without a doubt. Now regarding the plot, story must finally advance in something bigger. Like Juno literally taking over the world, like it was stated MAKE IT EXCITING and EPIC, if we look at gameplay no we don't need like firearms we can stay grounded, something practical, modern military crossbow, hidden blade, throwing knifes really simple, it should not be focused on some shooting but make it feel like real AC in modern day. IMO AC3s modern missions despite their flaws were really amazing and great, personal highlight for me, but they weren't even tip of the iceberg of what could be possible. Overall make BIG AND HUGE things start happening and get the plot really going.

To really simplify it:

1.Some HQ (Space, house, building, just something)
-We can select gear/gadgets from there and operate talk to crew members to learn more about the world around us.

2. Third person protagonist

3.Modern day missions, can be completely linear but make it exciting and epic and dangerous (AC3 style but far more evolved)
-The missions are accessible from hideout and let's say we have multiple type of missions like Assassination/Sabotage/Hack/Rescue just to give an example, or mix them together, make us do BIG things in modern day that impact the plot big time.

4. Get the overarching plot going for real, make big things happen, Juno rising, Templars going full out war like Second Great Purge (ON SCREEN)

At the end i really want to know what people seriously think of this idea or something similar, any suggestions you would like to add anything at all, feel free guys. i hope Ubisoft is seriously considering something in that fashion because i am really disappointing how this has been treated in past games.

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I prefer a MD in the vein of Black Flag, funny and parodic, not too serious, a refreshing and short distraction and largely optional and left for you to finish at your leisure. Otherwise it just distracts from the historical part, which is the essence of all the games.

The only way the MD of the kind that you want would work is if Ubisoft devote themselves to a full MD AC game. And a full MD AC game would be no different from Mirror's Edge, Watch_Dogs, Hitman, Deux Ex.

To be honest, I wish you can have a different more personal kind of MD. The one in BRAHMAN graphic novel was interesting in that while it had the Assassins and Templars show up eventually (Otso Berg appears), at its core the story was about a middle-class guy finding out that his ancestors was an untouchable underclass. It's actually about exploring roots and finding out about your past. Like Desmond in AC doesn't have any personal feelings towards his ancestors (Black Flag gave him some via recordings where he stated that Connor was his role model). A modern day that was intimate, not actually connected to life-and-death struggles, saving the world, putting the evil Elder God back to the chasm from whenst it came and the like. That would be nice.

TO be frank, my favorite idea of MD comes from Psychonauts. That's a game where you enter people's minds and there's one section set in an insane asylum where you enter the minds of these lunatics. It would be cool to do an AC set in such an asylum, with the twist being that three of them are distant descendants of the same guy but from different bloodlines, so you have to play sequences out of order and piece it together, and then the bleeding effect kicks in. It could be like Shutter Island or Shock Corridor.

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Also see this:


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Personally I feel that, because people want a customizable character in AC, we could make the MD characters customized. You see the argument against customizable characters is that you won't relate to them as well, but if you put it in the MD and make it big enough with missions and all as you say, then we can satisfy those people who want to be a girl. I personally don't feel that the actual character in the MD is super important, just what is going on back there, so main characters in the MD would still appear but not be playable, so the story can continue but yeah...

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Lol, I did a tread very similar to this one on the forum of the old initiates. :cool:

Here is what I wanted (and what I still want) :

The modern day would take place (while we are not doing outdoor missions) In the initiates headquarter. While in there, we could be connected with other player online and yes our character would be in third person view. Also, for everybody playing together, not seeing hundred of the same person, we could customize our character. We could write message to other player like (for exemple) "I search someone to play with" or "I need help with something" or something like that, on a sheet of paper to put it on a place in the HQ that would be made just for that. If you would want help or to help you just go there.

The initiates level could finnaly have something to do in the game. Remember the security level in black flag, that would be similar to it. For exemple : for the first 5 level we could have access to every room we would need to go in the story. The level 6 to 10 would have access to room where you could start optional missions. Then, the level 11 to 15 could go patrol outside the HQ while not going too far and Search for collectibles. The level 16 to 20 could go fast-travel while using the Altaĩr II to see Wiliam Miles and/or Gavin Banks to do special missions. Finnaly, the level 20 + could participate to fist fight the way we could in brotherhood and revelations, but with other player and against other player. Also, I think everybody should be able to watch and while watching we could have the choice to watch in third or first person view.

We could do story missions with other players and we could train against other players (or just with computer). we could do all the story missions with the start weapon, but by winning fist fight we could have better weapons.

We could also have access, by going on a HQ pc, to the initiates database from the entry which was in -3000 to today (and so, obviously, with new entry).

So, what do you think about it? ^-^

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Great thread both of you guys and absolutely Rinos but those 2 beside's Rinos are far too un-realistic regarding open world modern day and some nitpicking about eating and drinking affecting animus etc other than that we share same feelings but yeah i was thinking something more realistic and do-able in realistic time frame. Good idea overall i like it!

I disagree with Lama, you don't need separate Modern Day game, read what i said, it is in same style as Desmond missions were in AC3 but super evolved.

Again, since these things are easier said than done, it has to be realistic and the really good way to go i would say is mine. HQ--TP Protagonist--Linear Modern Day missions, no nitpicking or anything. Since we want to keep it realistic. But lol i would totally go with that way if i could make my dream AC.