View Full Version : Creed China Issue

04-23-2015, 03:26 AM
Hello all,

I came to a spot in Memory 4 of Creed Chronicles China where the game controls aren't doing what they ought to - in the city of Na'An. The path leads up into a house/scale the wall to go up, and there's a window to my right leading to a plank that crosses to the right to the next house (and you then go upwards again). The blood red path is quite obvious.

I am literally stuck. I can scale the wall with W up into into the house. At other parts of the game, simply using directional WSAD will switch planes and you can then climb onto the ledge. Here, the game isn't moving me to the right so I can get onto the ledge where the window is. I took a screenie, but can't find them either. Why do they love to hide the location of screenshots?