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04-22-2015, 09:02 PM
I think its the time UBISFOT that you will listen to your fans.
I am a huge Assassins Creed fan.I played every ac game that you have released so far and I must say I do enjoy playing them but that's not the point.
I am tired of you because you make every year a new assassins creed game.
You don't take in mind that there are fans that get tired of a new ac game every year,that not everyone has money to buy a new ac game every year.
Assassins Creed series went gold after ac2 and became a huge success,because its a creative game with a good ideas and most impotently fun.
After AC3 you ruined the series completely.
I love ACIV but this game lacks story telling,and modern day sections overall it a good and fun game but it doesn't feel like an old ac game that used to be,
And after ACIV you went completely in to the wrong way.So a new ac game every year its not enough you brought us 2 games that on of them was better then the other one even though the fact it was developed 4 years and the other one 1-1 and a half years of development.
Because of your desperate for money you forget about fans and most of all about the game it self.
ACU wasn't a that bad game but it lacked modern day sections it like you forgot about it,you only focused on the graphics and the gameplay it self.
Ac rogue its a good game too but its like ACIV.Its kind of you to think about old generation fans but I think you could put more effort to this game cause its a copy paste of aciv people call it ACIV 2, but because of your rush to get money from each console you just ruin the game,the series and most of all fans trust in your company and your games.
And the most funny part is that after ACU release we got a new information about the next AC game called AC VICTORY,and after 4 mounts you announced an AC chronicles trilogy another useless spin offs.
You just don't see what you are doing with the series you are ruining it people start to leave this series and not coming back,they are tired of your ********. In the internet there are a lot of articals about the AC Series.Most of them wishes,complains,and things they want in the next games but you dont even take them into consideration.
AC series has become A HUGE MASS.
Not only games,youre trying to bring more fans,more money by releasing a stupid toys,board games and books that no one actually reads and the most annoying part that the price of this ******** costs a lot of money.



04-23-2015, 12:03 AM
I'm sorry you do not have enough money... I'm afraid that goes for nearly ALL the world (especially me :( )but please do not think you speak for the majority... because you do not. What you want is YOUR personal choice....

No global company is going to change it's direction because some people want this or that... because there are thousands of fans all screaming for their own personal choice.

Personally, I do not like the modern day section and just skip the parts I can or avoid it.... there are far better modern day games such as FarCry, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell etc... and the modern day and animus sections just break the immersion...
I understand WHY we have the animus... so an assassin can die, but come back to life simply by desynchronisation.... but now I know that... I do not need to leave the game... to do the little bit of storyline.

I buy historical assassin games because I like being an assassin in olden times... not to be a bar keeper , or an abstergo employee n the present.

I would like all the modern day sections just reduced to an episode at the end with modern day pictures, audio, and video clips so that I could just not be interrupted while sailing, or taking forts or compounds or in missions or having my assassins experience broken just to take an elevator to hack a computer or find batteries for a pre cursor doorway.

Then anyone who likes the story line rather than playing assassin can get to the end and play with the non assassin bits....

Better yet... why not ask for a modern day game full of pre-cursor history and interaction and lots of storyline, animations and even some gameplay... and ask that Ubi takes 5 or even 10 years to develop it while I continue playing as an assassin..

Also, I'd like an AC game every 6 months, same with FarCry...

Now the problem is... we two have opposing views... should Ubi listen to you... listen to me, listen to any one of a thousand other fans with their own ideas of how a game company should run and how they should make a game that is completely individual to themselves... or should Ubi listen to it's research team just make games for the wider market ? regardless of whether that means it will upset you or me or someone else... They cannot please everyone.

It's better if they make the games and we buy and play the games... or not if we don't like them or want to skip a year.