View Full Version : Congratulations Climax and Ubisoft.. You have impressed me

04-22-2015, 09:59 AM
AC Chronicles China:

A game an excellent game in the making.. Zero game play bugs.. Everything is so smooth.. The game play with focus on stealth is terrific.. And the game is definitely longer than Dead kings or any other DLC for that matter.. It is actually a complete game... Enjoyable.. My first 2.5D experience is fabulous..


Excellent stealth game play.. really enjoyed it.. The brawler combat is pretty good too..
Art style is gorgeous.. Cant wait for colorful India
2.5D does not make it feel like a 2D platformer.. rather brings it close to 3D navigation in many ways
The length of the game makes it worth the 10 dollars (I got it free with season pass).. Certainly buying India and Russia.. Take my money now!!!!!

Really minor cons from my point of view

More graphic options(like AA) would be nice.. But dunno if it will affect the art style .. If so.. I dont need those options.. I love the art style
The story again lacks the punch of a story like black flag.. The well known revenge and its backlashes formula.. Expecting better in India and Russia

Overall loving it.. Guess I am half way through it.. Job well done :cool::cool::D:D