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[SIZE=2][SIZE=3][SIZE=4]Rating the games itself (Chronological time order not order of games)

1) AC 1: A Classic assassin game, find clues to find your targets and locate them and kill them .... 12/20

2) AC 2: Ezio finds his family slaughtered then seek revenge, with interesting Historic Italian characters like Savonarola and Machiavelli and Leonardo Da Venchi, and the wars between the families was awesome .... 15/20

3) AC brotherhood: Just an extension of AC2 .... didn't like it due to getting boring ..... 10/20

4) AC Revelations: An awesome game searching for the keys of Altair's library and entering the struggle of Ottoman heir of thrones to the Ottoman Sultan positions was interesting .... Memories within a memory and playing with Altair again and discovering the life of Altair after capturing of Masyaf was awesome 17/20

5) AC Black Flag: Worst game ever 50% of missions were naval missions and storyline was boring and can't be comprehended 100% elongated without need and Edward Kenway only joined the assassins at the end of the game a pathetic game..... 9/20

6) AC Rogue: Nice game really, out of the typical assassins are the good guys whilst Templars are the bad guys, shows the grey areas of the conflict between Assassins and Templars .... just didn't like the naval missions .... 16/20

7) AC 3: Was an average game, the game story showed real battles in the American War of Independence and gameplay was nice but also hated the few naval missions and playing with Haytham Kenway for the first 25% of the game was unnecessary ..... 14/20

8) AC Unity: Awesome game and following the French revolution and historical characters as Mirabeu, King Louis XVI, Bonaparte, Dante and Robespierre was interesting also the unity between the moderate assassin Arno Dorian and the moderate Templar Elisse de la Serre continued the revealing of the grey areas in the conflict between Assassins and Templars, (The French Revolution always an interesting topic for me) ..... 19/20

So the best was AC Unity, AC Revelations, AC Rogue, AC 2, AC 3, AC 1, AC brotherhood, AC Black Flag

Rating the protagonists (Also according to chronological order not gaming order) according primarily to the causes for joining the assassins, (The Templars for Shay Cormac) .... then their maturation in the game .... then their intelligence .... then their charisma .... then their strength

1- Altair Ben Lahad was born as assassin which is a negative point for him, and took the orders of AlMualim and killed without thinking in the first years but then though for himself and saw the truth and killed AlMualim which is a plus but after killing people without reason, was an extreme loyalist to AlMualim which made him not care about spilling unnecessary blood but as he matured he moderated and wanted to purge the order from his bad mentor alMualim, something good but killing innocents when you were young then regretting it when you discovered the truth doesn't erase spilling innocent blood as crime, was very strong as shown in battle of Arsuf after killing 12 warriors at once, moderating as he grew to even marrying a former Templar Maria Thorpe was a plus .... 13/20

2- Ezio Auditore de Firenze, entered the assassins for revenge (not a noble but not a bad reason, I will compare to Arno's reason afterwards to calrify my idea), Ezio the very charismatic assassin loved by all most of the players and the favourite to most games, the plus is he never killed innocent people which is very noble from him, but he misjudged not killing the Spaniard (Pope Alexandrus when he had the chance at the end of AC2 which showed to be unwise as shown in AC brotherhood), also being a womanizer was a negative point for me, wanting to learn about the history of the assassins and seeking the keys for Altair's library was a plus .... 15/20

3- Edward Kenway, most pathetic character nothing much to say only joined the brotherhood to use them to become rich, pathetic .... 8/20

4- Shay Patrick Cormac, Unexpectedly I never though I will like him as he betrayed the assassins and joined the Templars but after I played Rogue, he became my best protagonist surpassing Arno which was my best before I played Rogue. First of all he had an open mind he wasn't a typical Assassin or Templar who takes order and do it without thinking, then he left the Assassins for a noble reason as he believed that the Assassins where the reason of killing of thousand in Lisbon in the 1755 Earthquake after appointing them to take the artefact that held the city together, which showed he is noble and was really against killing innocents, he then entered the Templars to try to purge the Assassins so he could keep the other artefacts away from the assassins so that he could keep other cities safe and to avoid the fate of Lisbon and save people he doesn't know compared to the noble goal of Connor Kenway to save his tribe only is even more noble. He never spilled unnecessary or innocent blood althought he was strong and was able to purge Colonial America Assassins Creed before being revived again by Connor Kenway. Also he prevented Heytham Kenway from killing Achilles his former Assassin teacher as being grateful after he though he is no more of a threat after losing all his men and purging the creed, didn't see a flaw in him ... 19/20

5- Connor Kenway, joined the assasins to try to save his tribe which is very noble from him, allied with Goerge Washington but not was a follower and only helped him in his good deeds from his point of view, he was very strong he was able to revive the Colonial America's Assasin Creed after being purged by Shay Cormac is a great plus for him, working with his Templar father Haytham for parts of the game was a pragmatic intelligent move but didn't disallow him from spilling unnecessary blood which is a negative point, also killing his father at the end was aweful in my opinion this point made him go down the ladder of rating by a lot of points .... 12/20

6- Arno Victor Dorian, joined the assassins for redemption not revenge, which is a more noble reason than Ezio's revenge motive but less the Connor's saving his tribe or Shay's saving of the world population. Arno Dorian was raised by the moderate Grand Templar Francoise de La Serre after his father Charles was killed by Shay Cormac. A few years later De la Serre wanted to make a truce between Templars and Assassins led by the moderate Mirabeau, so a plot led by an extreme Templar Germain to kill De la Serre was performed to prevent the truce, before De la Serre was killed a loyal Templar to him called La Freniere send him a letter to warn him from a plot against him, it reached Arno (his adopted son) to deliver the letter to De la Serre (he didn't know what the letter was and he didn't know anything about Templars and Assassins at that time) but he delivered it late so De la Serre didn't know about the plot against his life and was killed, he then knew that he was the indirect reason for De la Serre death after knowing the truth from Elisse De la Serre, so he burdened himself by the killing of De la Serre, he seeked redemption to relieve his conscious not revenge, compared to Ezio when his father Giovvanni was accused of treason but he had papers in his office to clarify him when Ezio visited him in prison he told him to get the papers to get him out and hand them to Uberto Alberti, Giovanni's friend (but was a Templar in disguise so he burned the innocence proof of Giovanni handed by Ezio so Giovanni was hanged at the end), unlike Arno, Ezio didn't see himself an indirect reason for his father's death so he seeked revenge not redemption that is a plus for Arno. Arno primary goal in AC unity was to protect Elisse his love not to kill Germain which showed how noble he is when he had a chance to kill Germain in the execution of King Louis XVI but at the cost of death of Elise so he chose to save Elise instead and left Germain to flee. Also when the extreme assassin Bellec killed the moderate Mentor Mirabeau because he wanted to cooperate with the Elisse the moderate Templar, when Arno knew about this he refused to join Bellec and killed him, which shows that Arno is a true moderate assasin and he didn't only unite with Elise the Templar as he loved her. The black spot for Arno is killing La Freniere as he though he is the one who killed De la Serre, before knowing it was Germain, although La Frenierre was innocent and even tried to save De La Serre, not knowing does not clear the crime of killing innocent blood. Although Arno was not strong and maybe the weakest and less of a warrior compared to any of the other 5 protagonist and was not able to take multiple strong warriors in a fight, he even was about to be killed by Bellec (one man only) till Elise saved him, but he compensated it by being the most intelligent of the 6 protagonists and he killed all his victims by infiltration or by impersonating or by poisoning victims drink (never in a fight, if you reach 100% syncorization of memories). He was a favourite to women just like Ezio but what make me like him over Ezio is he wasn't a womanizer he only went to his true love Elise, he is also the only protagonist who had a sence of humour, also in the finale I like his words a lot (Ideals too easily give way to dogma. Dogma becomes fanaticism.)

So for me the best is Shay, Arno, Ezio, Altair, Connor, Edward

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I, too, like Altair Ben Lahad :rolleyes:



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I hate biased ratings...

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Certainly, all ratings are biased.

ACIV definitely had the worst ending for the main antagonist aside from the Sage. I had a big WTF moment by how anti-climatic it was. After that, it was all feels stuff which didn't really hit me too hard 'cause of the death of the antagonist.