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04-21-2015, 11:54 AM
I think this is a good advice for new players, especially because it's very underused, I got only got asked for one myself once or twice.
I'll try it step by step and include examples for players who know little english, please feel free to add tipps here:

1. You have to find an opponent:
Just try to remember your opp. name (above his health bar during fights or in the upper corner in the results-screen) or look it up in the encounters-list (push 3 times up from your mail box), then type their name in the starting-screen for Wager fights and perhaps add a short and simple sentence (in english) in the text field, i.e. 'Would you fight a rematch?'
(sometimes daring/challanging the other will help to make them accept the invitation, but of course be polite and don't insult anyone. I.e.: 'I bet you can't beat me twice' or 'try me on even conditions!' ...
you can also try the opposite and flatter the other a bit, i.e. 'Wow, I never got beaten so quickly before, ...' or 'Your perk-combo is great, would you fight a rematch?' )

2. Whom you should try to invite:
I try to get rematches against players who beat me by luck (in my opinion ;) ), because they won by button-mashing (only using one simple attack-pattern) and when I think they won because of a rating advantage (having better armour / weapons because of their higher level)
Of course you can invite anyone (even disconnecters^^), but you should generally try to fight matches you can win.

3. The Settings in Wager fights:
As the inviting player, you can choose the arena and the maximum for ratings first, then your opp. can either accept or suggest different settings.
THIS is where you have to chance to set the odds of the coming match in your favour:
- Choose an arena that suits your class, i.e. large arenas for ranged classes or the pits/insula/district 5 for close-combat fighters.
- Set the maximum just above the rating of your fighter: I.e. you plan to use your 2h Sword gladiator with his 395 rating, so you set a 400-maximum. (if I invite players with ratings of 600+ I sometimes give them more room, some players won't fight you on to low ratings)

4. Try your best to beat your opponent :)
(or at least give them a good fight & proove your point or learn something from their tactics)

A custom / convention among many players is trying NOT to kill your opponent in the end (you have to 'earn' this most of the time): I.e. you won the 4th round in row or if your opp. is really unexpirienced and you beat him very easily.
The reason is: For the winner it's rather meaningless if you get the kill or not, whereas the loser will have to revive his gladiator, which can be annoying esp. for new player with no bankroll.
You can 'signalize' this custom in the end: If you want to grant mercy in a win, push the throw-button from afar to let the opp see you grabing air, then close the distance and perform a throw (this won't kill the other). If you see you will lose very soon, roll away and perform a taunt from afar, then close the distance (don't attack) and hope your opp. will put you down the friendly-way ;)

The pros for wager fights are:
- you can receive the daily bonus for them
- some players are really friendly and will help you, i.e. giving you a free win or some advice why they did beat you or how you can improve further
- you can fight higher lvl opponents on even ground, so they can't employ all their legendary-equipment, etc.
- you have the chance to get vengeance by beating that lucker who just managed to kill you ;)

I hope this helps some among the new players or urges some of the more expirienced players to employ the 'mercy-custom' I explained!

Greetings - Scythe

07-21-2015, 03:51 AM
Thanks for the info!;)