View Full Version : Future *** Creed games needs a higher diffuculty option

04-21-2015, 04:04 AM
Hi, with more and more *** Creed games coming players who have played them all might feel bored sometimes cause its too easy, so i have an idea for you Ubisoft, make an higher difficulty option for players that want a challenge !


Assassin Diffculty
Never get spotted
You are more mortal to pistol shots and swords
No health bar
No interface
No civilian kills
No etc etc etc

You get the point, and this could give players that feel kinda bored with the enemies being too easy, and maybe its time to increase the diffuculuty overall with the AI ? I mean sometimes they are too stupid and kinda unrealistic how they cant see you sometimes, i dont know maybe i am alone with feeling this way? What do you guys say?