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You may have seen our discussion with PneumaticBog a few weeks ago, and now we have another Community Spotlight coming at you. How do you get thrown into the spotlight? All that really matters is that you ride and you have a “community first” attitude.

We’ve got players from just about every console, PCs, Androids and iOS so the community of people who just like throwing down some track, or throwing down time on those tracks, is growing. This is where we say a thank you not only to the person in the Spotlight, but to every Trials fan from any title, platform or device.

Let’s kick this off with a bang, and the only person I know who is fan enough (and crazy enough? – Shifty) to get a RedLynx-inspired tattoo.

Mr. PL_Squrd.


What’s your first memory of Trials?
My first memory of Trials would have to be when I read the review on IGN for Trials HD. I had never heard of Trials before and immediately became interested when I read the review. It sounded right up my alley with the technical nature and wanting that "perfect" run. I'm a big fan of N+ and Super Meat Boy which require you to be perfect (or at least damn near it), so Trials was an instant purchase in my case. Not to mention you're riding a dirt bike and doing flips. What's not to love about that?

Why do you play Trials?
I play Trials for a number of reasons, mainly though because it's just FUN. I play because I like the competition of trying to get up as high as I can on single tracks and the overall career leaderboards. I play Trials because, believe it or not, I enjoy the aggravation. I like to try to push myself to do better or get past a checkpoint that just seems impossible, mainly on the "ninja" tracks. I play Trials because I secretly enjoy telling people my world rank and watching and hearing their reactions. Don’t get me wrong; I'm not bragging and saying I’m number one or anything, but if you take my rank and divide by the total number of players, I’m definitely in the top 1%.

What’s the best part about Trials community?
The best part about the Trials community has got to be the friendships. Whether it is "cyber" friendship or personal, it really amazes me as to how much love there is between all of the fans. And as a special shout-out to the Trials’ community "fan" area, I have really got to hand it to Professor Fat Shady. That man is quite amazing; both in skill and being able to teach people on camera how to help them accomplish an otherwise impossible obstacle. Thankfully I haven't come across an obstacle that I have needed his assistance on, but that still doesn't stop me from watching his videos. He's just fun to watch. Sure, sometimes certain fans in the Trials community can get a little chip on their shoulders, but all in all, deep down inside, they all love Trials, I don't care what any of them say.

And elaborating on that answer, the other end of the Trials community would have to be all of you guys at Redlynx/Ubisoft, and that too is the BEST part about the Trials community (on the business end). And no, I'm not just talking about the fact that I have had a flag & hoodie sent to my house (which I display and wear with pride), I’m talking about you all as people; genuine, good-hearted people who deserve all of the success that comes your way.

So yeah, all of that, and PLENTY more, are the best parts about the Trials community.

How do your friends react when you talk about Trials?
Simple, they love to tell people about how obsessed I am with Trials, but as soon as I start talking about it or turn it on to play they immediately get mad. And it's not that they don't like Trials, they just can't stand running a hard track with 100+ faults and then watch me come in after them and do it with not 1 fault. I can't blame them though; I’d get pretty irritated too watching that!

How does it show outside that you like Trials (Dude, you have a Trials tattoo! Tell us about that - Shogun)?
It shows in many ways, but yes, my tattoo is probably the best example since that goes with me everywhere. I got the idea as soon as I realized how involved those crazy squirrels were. I actually have a tattoo of Claptrap from Borderlands because he is by far my favorite character and that is one of my favorite games as well, so I thought the squirrel would be a perfect fit to show my love/passion for Trials, It’s my #1 favorite game by far. I would kick Borderlands to the side any day over Trials.

Another way my love for Trials shows outside, well, actually inside, is with the custom airbrushed Xbox 360 & controller I had painted with a Trials Evolution theme. Just another thing I wanted to do for myself to display in my house how much I honestly love Trials.


And yet another way my love has shown for Trials is with the rap song I made for it called: "T-R-I-A-L-S". And where I know I’m not the best rapper out there by far, I do know I can write lyrics pretty well. I have actually written/recorded over 50 songs and have made 2 albums. Nothing you'll ever see in stores, but it sure is a personal accomplishment of mine that I take pride in.

Actually, speaking of ways my love for Trials shows outside, I had another new idea that I am having done as I write this....so stay tuned for that! Shouldn't be too much longer now, maybe a month. (Ominous tones – Shifty)

What’s your favorite memory related to Trials?
My favorite memory with Trials would have to be the day I passed my first Extreme track. The feeling of accomplishment that I had was incredible at the time. It was "Brown Boxes", I’ll never forget it.

And outside of the actual game, my favorite memory has got to be when McANBA sent me a message on the Trials forums and asked me if I "want to have flag?". I had no idea what he meant or that there was even such a thing that existed. I just said "sure", not knowing what to expect. Next thing I know, he asked for my home address and a few weeks later, I had a package from Finland and when I opened it up, THAT is a memory I’ll never forget.

And actually, now that I think about it, I can't choose just one favorite memory when it comes to the actual game. The other thing I will always remember was when I just randomly started up Trials Evolution one day like I always had and ran a track and was confused when I saw my gamertag with a little "TF" next to it. Again, I had no clue what it was at that point and when I asked about it on the forums and people told me what it stood for, I was floored. I then found out that people tried to do unique things to try and get one, and here I was just doing all of these things just because I loved the game! That’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

Yes, I’m sorry, but I actually do have another favorite memory outside of the actual game. It was the day that I finally had all of you guys (ANBA, Badger, Shogun, DJ, and Shifty) choosing to follow me on Twitter. Now I am not a "social media" guru or anything and I am never one to ask people to "please follow me" or "please like my photo" or blah-blah-blah, so when you all decided to just follow me on your own behalf, it was quite incredible to me. So on a personal level, thank you for that, it was quite an honor to me. And please let those other guys know if you think about it. 140 characters is kinda hard express all of that in, ya know? (Oh, they all know – Shifty)


What’s your first Trials game?
My first Trials game was Trials HD for Xbox 360. I had never heard about Trials before because I’ve never been big into PC gaming. But as soon as Trials came to console I have owned every version of Trials that has come out and will continue to do so for as long as you guys keep making them (hint hint) (Not so subtle hint from PL there – Shifty)

What are your favorite types of tracks (easy, hard, technical, fast, trials, skill game, fmx, XSX)?
My favorite type of track has got to be Extreme & Ninja, but level 1 Ninja only, though. I pride myself on being able to do all of the Extreme tracks and a good amount of Ninja tracks on Track Central, but some of them out there are just a little over-the-top difficult. Don't get me wrong, I love to watch the replays of the top riders on those Ninja level 2, 3, 4 & 5 tracks and give them nothing but the highest of respect, but I think after level 1 Ninja, that's my breaking point.

I truly do like all types of tracks though, I dabble in everything. I like the risk Trials took with introducing FMX tracks and a quad bike and I am happy to see the progression through all of the games so far. Can't wait to see what the future holds for Trials over the coming years. And yeah, that's right I said "the coming years" meaning “you all better not stop making Trials”! Sorry, just my deep passion for Trials coming out there.

Which tracks, UGC or Career mode?
Each mode has their perks.
Career is an obvious choice just because you know you aren't going to be playing a track with horrible drivelines or a track where all you are told to do is "don't move". The Trials track creative team is superb in giving players quality tracks. I know when I select a bike for a career track that it is going to be amazing. Even when Shogun tweets that he's kinda sad that he is putting so much effort into background effects for a track where they are probably gonna get about 1-2 seconds of screen time, those are the kinds of little things that make career mode stand out.

And as for UCG, trust me; there are some AMAZING tracks out there in Track Central! With builders like To5, VEGASTRASH, IZEZ PRiNCESS & Kush Land 604, just to name a very few, we will always have quality tracks to play outside of career. And the best part about UCG is that there are literally new tracks EVERYDAY. It's like new DLC every day. What's not to love about that?

When it comes to competition do you prefer multiplayer or leaderboards?
As much as I do enjoy multiplayer, I am one of those types of people who chokes under pressure. So for me, it's gotta be leaderboards. I love multiplayer for a fun time with friends, but if it's about competition, it's gotta be leaderboards. I need to be alone on the track and in my zone without the thought of someone else watching my every move or about to pass me.

Who’s your biggest rival?
I have a few people I like to try to stay ahead of on the LB's, but at the end of the day, it's me; I am my biggest rival. I always strive to do better than my last run. And although I don't play with "ghost" on, I watch that timer in the top left like a hawk per checkpoint and compare it to my previous best and try to take that "past personal best run PL Squrd" and leave him in the dust.

What would you like to say to all the readers?
I would like to say thank you to everyone I have met (personally and online) through Trials. I want to tell everyone that they should never give up on passing that track that may be giving them problems. Practice, patience, and watching a few of Fat Shady's videos and you'll get to that finish line. I remember starting on Trials HD and wasn't sure if I knew what I got myself into. Now I’m in the top 1000-5000 in the world, so yeah, get on that bike and put your skills to the test. You've got this,



Thank you for answering the questions of a thousand words, PL_Squrd!

That’s all we have for the Community Spotlight today, but make sure to keep eyes on this spot. And don’t forget about those Forum PMs! You never know when you may get a message asking for your email address and your chance to be in the Spotlight… After answering about 50 or so questions.


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