View Full Version : [PS4] Sequence 7 - Memory 3 - "Confrontation"

04-19-2015, 07:58 PM
Is anyone else having problems with this memory?

I cannot fathom what the screen prompts are expecting to do. Which buttons do0 I press and in what fashion, (ie do I mash them or hold them).

When I mash the O button nothing happens - the two characters just lock in battle. Then when the colour of the O turns yellow, I have no clue as what I should do. Should I carry on mashing, hold it down or let it go?

The game seems to go into an eternal loop on the first phase of the fight. I have reviewed several videos on YouTube but no one else seems to encounter these problems, (but there again the majority seem to be on Xbox One).

I cannot move forward until I have completed this part of the game. I can only go off and find collectibles and side missions which are now running out.

I have to say, mashing is not good. I always get the feeling that it is a ploy to ruin your very expensive controller so you go out and get a new one.

Any help appreciated.