View Full Version : Ubisoft deleted my ACU save games - and won't restore from their cloud services

04-17-2015, 10:10 AM
So I guess you take it that I'm thrilled to start all over again? Well I'm not.

So what happend?

I hadn't had time to play for quite a while, so a little more than 2 weeks ago I thought I might as well "kill" a few hours.
Fired up the UPLAY launcher, Ok had to wait for a new launcher update, apparently there was also a small update to ACU.

Time to fire up the game.
Everything looked different, why did I see the start trailer again? how come I couldn't access my save game? After some time of trying to
figure out what has happend I find that the UPLAY launcher had deleted my save games for ACU, AC3 didn't seem to be affected.

So my thought was, cloud storage -UBISOFT must have a copy-. So I opened a ticket with them (writing in english).
The next day I logged in to the launcher again, a new update. I guess they found the problem and fixed it.

[warning: upcomming rant]
Yesterday I got an answer, translated -very poorly, spammers do a better job translating their spam emails than UBISOFT- into my native language.
Basically telling me, "tough luck we won't restore your save game, what you should have done was to make a backup".
Have they provided a means for backing up the save games? No. I write in english but get an answer in my native language, I'd expected more
maybe I just take things for granted, and big bad wolf has grown into an evil corporate big bad wolf after seeing the success of EA Games.

I can almost hear the evil laughter of the Customer service supporter telling me to f*ck off because she got disturbed in playing Solitaire.

Whats the morale here?
Well had I played this game as pirated software this wouldn't have happend. Not that I indulge others in doing so.
Having bought the Large Collectors boxes before, and this happens makes me reconsider doing this in the future.
To be honest I think AC went downhill with the past year problems with acinitiates (and still there are problems), the APP for smartphones and tablets makes it even worse.
So I most likely won't buy more games produced/published by UBISOFT - in my opinion UBISOFT has just gone up the ladder passing EA Games as being the worst company in the world.

ACU is a beautiful game, I've enjoyed the graphics walking Paris' streets, taking a detour through buildings every now and then, accidently lifting the purse of some rich fellow, sprayed the blood of countless templars, followers and what I'd consider bandits. But hell I'm not going to start over playing 50+ hours to reach the point I was, picking up every chest, every flowery collectibles which I don't remember the name of.
I might take an other tour of Black Flag at least there you can whistle to make a person of interest come to you, or start some of my missing games in the franchise.

Time to dust off my old Commodore 64 and play some Bruce Lee

04-17-2015, 10:38 PM
Well I cannot blame you for getting the Commodore 64 out ... I loved AmigaDOS. I hope you have a 5.25 floppy drive :) and bubble bobble, rainbow islands, stix and international karate :D

I'm not sure Uplay updates or game updates can destroy your game save files... unless you uninstalled Uplay and re-installed it. It is a pain to restart any game... I had it with Black Flag so I can empathise with you... But to make it interesting again I tried to kill as many as I could by Air Assassination... just to make it interesting... and I didn't bother getting all the chests and collectibles again... unless I was close to them.

It is sad but unfortunately it can happen to us all...

There's a very clever mod on here and he has a post with a backup tool for all Ubisoft games... it is brilliant.

05-02-2015, 10:02 AM
I agree that the launcher shouldn't be able to delete the save games, but alas it did.

I managed to undelete the original save game.

Because of this conflict of the savegame in the cloud and the local savegame, I can see they now have a tip telling that the savegames can be restored from the cloud, controversy from what the support told me. But I can't see any restore feature other than choosing local or cloud save because of the conflict.

@strigoi I can relate to restarting, but if one skips picking up all the chests, and other collectibles, you won't get 100% sync towards acinitiates. It shouldn't bother me if I don't get 100% sync, but unfortunately it does.
FYI - Bruce Lee II was recently released on the C64 ;-)

Time has passed and I feel less annoyed with UBI soft that I'll soon be back in Paris' streets making sure there safe from everyone I deem evil ;-)