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04-14-2015, 01:25 PM
There is a lot of discussion in various threads as to why the characters we play can do what they want when it is supposed to be an account of their life. How exact should we be when using weapons, clothes et.c. How restricted should the assassinations be? Et.c.

Well, heres how i think it works.

1) The animus reads genetic memories from various ancestors (we know this already). However, this DOES NOT contain every detail of their life. It contains key activites and where and when they did them.

2) It creates a virtual world BASED on the areas the events happened, and an interpretation of the styles and occurences of the era.

3) The subject is then installed into what is essentially a video game, and can free roam, and dress themselves as they wish. The armour, weapons and skills are merely a system to help the subject attain the character of the ancestor they are currently reliving.

4) Going to certain locations triggers a 'key event' in the ancestors life. The Genetic Memory does not comtain the EXACT method, but it tells the Animus that an important task/assassination was performed by the ancestor.

5) The subject then must SOMEHOW perform this task in the virtual game created by the Animus. If the task is achieved, no matter how, as long as certain 'known' conditions are met, then the Animus is able to Synch the memory. If failed, or all 'knowns' are not acheived, then we desynch and start again.

I realise this is probably not rocket science, and others may have similar obvious conclusions, but i felt i needed to exppain why i think free roaming and customisation is allowed while 'playing' in the animus. Basically it gives you the tools to perform the key moments in an ancestors life, without being picky about the fine details.

04-14-2015, 05:12 PM
Definitely, its like saying why there are no animals in AC1 or why you cant swim in AC1. They are all "updates". Rebecca said in AC3 about an animal update or something to explain the wildlife.

04-14-2015, 05:45 PM
I forgot about hunting. Yeah, the hunting and crafting introduced in AC3 could be considered another system to help desmond get in touch with Connors character, without having to hunt and kill the exact animals that Connor killed in his real life.

After all said and done, these games are as much sci-fi as they are historical. Our imaginations should be developed enough to rationalise all such incidents of "ooh, but altair might not have climbed over that wall before he killed that man" and "ezio might have used another staircase to get that feather" et.c