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04-12-2015, 10:39 PM
So i got my game to work finally But i started it up and it was really lagging like big time i have played about 5 rounds and i have got 0 kills cause the lag is really bad i cant aim well...... Second off everything out side in the maps have a tint of purple and i got lost at the highest graphics setting wheels are not curved they are like pentagons and everything just looks ugly outside but... thats not that big of a deal. The Lag is anyone have any suggestions I will gladly take em .

04-12-2015, 10:56 PM
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this is what i get when trying to post in the closed alpha forums sorry mates but i tried to keep this official and in pvt but

i am having worse issues as the game is very un playable to me downloaded the game with in 45 mins and excited as i was to get the invite to the closed alpha pow
i get in game things look crispy but when i get to it

right as i load in the match i cant see the world nothing at all but as if i was under the whole map i can see the team enemy running around i can see them scale the walls but once inside the house or what ever i cant see squat

tis like if i was spectating and well i hid my self under the world to see all the action

all in all i cant play the game but yet my PC was scaled to be set for GTA V playable on a 4k resolution..

AMD A-10 7850k with 16GB of ram
2 Sapphire R7265 on a crossfire set up
on an Asus A88X Pro Motherboard

so on this part i doubt its me or my machine..

09-25-2015, 02:39 PM
I am having the same problem, PLEASE HELP

Amd 9590
2 XFX R9-280x's in cross fire
16 GB corsair vengence @2400MHZ
Asus Sabertooth rev. 2 motherboard

09-25-2015, 02:53 PM
ALLLLLL right, so after a bit if tinkering, i figured out how to make the game recognize your GPU instead of CPU. Assuming you're using an NVIDIA GPU of some sort, you should be able to right click on the bottom right of your screen, the NVIDIA logo, and several options should pop up. Click the "Open NVIDIA Control Panel". Once there, go to "Manage 3D settings". Once there, click the 'Program Settings" tab, and it will show you a 3 step process. 1st is "Select a program to customize". Click "Add", and a menu will pop up, select the "RainbowSix.exe". then the 2nd step is "Select preferred graphics driver for this program", select the "high Performance NVIDIA driver" option. Now Rainbow Six will recognize that as the primary GPU, and there ya go fixed.