View Full Version : The Blunderbuss is boss!

04-11-2015, 05:33 PM
Just tryed out the blunderbuss in ACU for the first time and I love it. It may not be the best weapon of choice but it's awesome anyway. The animations of Arne knocking down Extremists are totally badass. When you're done shooting don't sheath it 'cause he'll walk around resting it on his should, looking like a total badass. Try taking a stroll down the street with it unsheathed on the shoulder and watch people's reactions. They're like, "Chill out, dude. I don't want any trouble". That's the best part. :-D

04-14-2015, 12:27 PM
Didn't know that. Will try it out.. Thanks for mentioning. Blunderboss.