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04-08-2015, 03:05 AM
I thought I'd share my personal thoughts on the game. I know many have done so before and part way through April is probably a little late but I wanted to make this somewhat in-depth post and hopefully hear back from some people about their opinions.


The story for AC Unity is something I never quite understood. Roughly speaking I believe a mix between Arno seeking revenge and understanding about his fathers murder and about the loss of his guardian i.e. Elise father who looked after him as a child, I think. This will be shortest part of my thoughts. I honestly didn't think the story was that good, missions were short and followed a very linear style. Usually your first mission would be an information gathering mission followed by a sandbox assassination mission. I never found the missions to be all that fun and many of them repetitive, despite challenging myself to use different methods. On the few that were different and had 'special kill' I liked them and felt thrilled while doing them but that was about it. The story was also very 'sporadic' often you'd jump from weird scene to weird scene which just made no real sense or meaning.

Overall I felt the story was a little lack luster and even the original assassins creed game had better story dynamics, even if it was delivered in a linear format.

Characters/ Character development

All the characters were quite boring and you never felt like you got to know them. The game felt short so I guess that is why. Unlike the 20 hour or so campaign of AC 2, you felt like the campaign of Unity was short so you never got to know the characters. Arno seemed cold and uncaring and even when he was supposed to be in love with Elise it felt false, the voice acting was shockingly terrible between the two characters of Arno and Elise, you would never think they loved each other.

I suppose the moment it was believable was in the letters she sent Arno.

There were also so many character that just didn't go anywhere, meaning they were introduced but never explored.


The mechanics were better to an extent in this game. The combat was more challenging but you could still cheap your way out of it with stun or smoke bombs which therefore ruined any kind of incentive to be more stealthy. The stealth mechanics were good when they worked but often you'd encounter glitches that meant you couldn't perform the moves you wished to perform. The moving from cover to cover was also really bad, where you couldn't turn a corner smoothly you had to get out of cover mode and then turn the corner yourself and then go back into it? Why? Watch Dogs had a better cover system.

The parkour mechanics were a nice change and when you lined yourself up with the right situation they worked well. Unfortunately controlled decent was really poorly used within the game, quite often you didn't know how or where you line yourself up with in order to do a fancy decent like you saw in some of the gameplay clips before launch. Most of the time it felt like the previous games, just hoping down ledges which wasn't really that exciting.

The controls were sometimes quite fidily and like I said above you'd try to do 'X' and your character would do 'Y'.

Meta Game and Skills

I honestly didn't like the whole unlocking of skills. It made no sense why Arno could double assassinate someone but then couldn't double assassinate someone from a ledge. It also made no sense how Arno could unlock some equipment but not others. I understand the skills thing was introduced to work with co-op but even that felt flawed. In an ideal world it would have worked but often I felt that going into the co-op before you completed the campaign meant having to work together so much that playing with random was out the window fast and playing with friends meant you were at different stages with different stuff which would have been interesting but quite often you'd have an obstacle in your way that needed a specific ability and if you didn't have it you were forced to break stealth.

Also the disguise ability! what the hell was that about? Oh I'll just materialize myself into a different human being, bloody good show that was, nice and immersion breaking.

I honestly preferred the old method of customization and unlocking so much clothing and weapons and then upgrading them all felt like a chore to earn money which was designed like that to push micro transactions. I mean serious...micro transactions in a single player game? Good Job Ubisoft.

It also was frustrating because if you did unlock weapons, you'd have completed the campaign by the time you did so you couldn't use them then which meant you played the co-op but the co-op is flawed so badly in my opinion that after playing each co-op mission twice, it wasn't worth playing again.

I really didn't think we need a rank system, it offered nothing to the game. Creed points were interesting but I felt offered nothing to the game.


I mentioned co-op above but I honestly think that co-op should have introduced as a separate function and an add on as opposed to something linked to a single player experience. It caused more problems that it was worth in my opinion and I honestly preferred Rouge even though it was a big re-hash of black flag.


Overall these are my thoughts on the game. I'd hazard a guess and say I preferred Rouge to Unity because it had a really nice storyline and while repetitive in so many areas. It was another slice of a franchise that was really good, despite its flaws. I'm hoping Victory might reverse some of the stuff Unity has done and introduce a longer campaign, better character development, a better customization system than we've had in Unity and make co-op less involved in the single player side of the game.

04-08-2015, 01:11 PM
A quick reply to some of your points (posted a similar thread yesterday on my feelings if you fancy a more in depth view :D )

I agree about the disguise thing. I wont be wasting any sync points on that.

I have had no problems with the parkour, appart from a couple of minor issues when trying to land on a view point, for some reason.

The customisation, while having a few issues with unlockables, is good imo. You can build Arno into the assassins you want him to be, to suit your game style.