View Full Version : Unity's many shortcomings.

04-04-2015, 11:38 PM
This game feels like a love/hate affair every time I play it. Wonderful graphics but poor optimization, some decent missions here and there but brain dead AI once detected, good battles but bullet dodging enemies, decent animations but awkward controls, and heated pursuits but no lingering wanted status.

For a game with a fairly intricate story and puzzles, it has a lot that doesn't make sense. One thing that consistently makes me laugh is being able to run away in plain site, then take cover around a corner and with my detected ghost right near me, I can cover takedown about 3 guards one right after the other. Why is this even possible?

I also miss the opportunities you could create in past AC games just by picking up and placing bodies. Many of the missions in this game have such scripted optional objectives it's ridiculous. It seems the only way you can get a hide spot kill is with an AI scripted to walk past one. This kind of thing leaves many missions feeling more linear.

The early mission to kill the guy in the Notre Dame Cathedral has many ways to do it, but I always find it's more suited to one entry point and one kill method. This game just feels mostly like an eye candy map with lots of wasted potential. There's a lot to do in this game, but much of it has no real incentive attached.

04-05-2015, 02:41 AM
You probably summed it all up very well... I see it for its potential... I think and it is just my opinion that the game may have been edited down to be viable for release in time for the christmas purchases and the PS4/ XBone bundles.... it offers many fantastic things and is far superior to other AC games visually...

it does lack a little in gameplay (I do not know why :confused: ) and it was over run with collectibles and things to do... but it has laid a fantastic foundation for the future.... and despite some people having problems that I found minor... the game should have won awards... it really is awesome when you just take time to look and listen without playing too much...

HOW ON EARTH TITANFALL WON SOMETHING I DO NOT KNOW :confused: compared to Unity it was awful