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04-01-2015, 03:16 AM
Greetings, Assassins!
We read the petition making the rounds on the internet these days, where you vocally ask for the return of the traditional adversarial multiplayer aspect in the next iteration of Assassin's Creed. While we have read and are aware of the petition, we cannot make any promises at the moment. However, since a game is already out in the form of ACIV, we thought this was an appropriate time to release a patch that was left unfinished in early 2014. We gave it the final touches and will release it to your consoles sometime today or tomorrow, depending upon your timezones. While we cannot please every single player, we hope these changes will satisfy the majority of the fan base. The following changes have been introduced:



Chases have been reintroduced as a Gamelab mechanic. Initially we felt that they needed to be removed to accomodate newer players, but we found that this change skewed the game too much in the favor of pursuers. The Basic, Hidden, Out of Sight and Brutal Escape methods are back, along with the various chase-related bonuses. They will work exactly the same way as in previous games. Chases have NOT been introduced to any other modes, since we feel they are better that way. Since this is in Gamelab, only private matches can be set up with chases. Public matches remain unchanged.


Fixed some anomalies within the contract system wherein the game assigned too many pursuers to the same target, with no regard to current session rank. This has been changed.The contract system will now work exactly the same way it did in Assassin's Creed III. This change helps to bring deathmatch more in the vision that we intended it to be.


Knock Out bonus has been reinstated. Both players now receive 100 points each for stunning two pursuers within 3 seconds.

Fixed some issues with pursuer invulnerability after recovering from a stun.

Fixed some instances where multi-kills would not be properly rewarded.


The forced respawn of stunned players was intended to make the game easier for newcomers to adjust to. However since most of our established players disagreed with that change, it has been reintroduced as a Gamelab mechanic. In private matches, you can turn Stun Respawn OFF. Public matches will continue to function unchanged with the stun respawn. The approach meter starts as empty on a stunned target, like it did in Assassin's Creed: Revelations.


Night variants of all maps are now accessible.


1. Teleport has always been a niche ability, the success of which largely depends upon the individual skill of the user. We changed it in ACIV to make it more accessible to new players. However, it made the ability a little less effective than we intended. Therefore, the visual indicator on the Teleport ability has been toned down to not be quite as bright. This allows us to balance its risk and reward aspect fairly well.

2. Glimmer has been given a base duration of 12 seconds, which can be increased to 15 and 18 seconds via crafting. Glimmer also prevents the user from being locked on to for its entire duration. We wanted an ability to complement Disguise while being different enough to warrant usage. We are confident that these changes will bring Glimmer to a more prominent light.

3. Animus Shield was always a divisive ability among the player base. While some feel it was necessary to introduce a rock-paper-scissors aspect to the game, others find it frustrating that it acted as a "God mode" against almost every ability. Newcomers still found it difficult to figure out, so we made the shield much brighter and louder, at the compensation of lowering its cooldown. We have changed this. Animus Shield's visual effects have been subdued significantly, at the cost of increasing its cooldown time to 90 seconds, which can be crafted to 85.5s and 81s.

4. Poison encourages stealthy play. We felt its cooldown was overly long for an ability that has a very limited usage. For this reason its cooldown has been reduced to 70s, which can be brought to 66.5s and 63s.

5. Fixed visual issues with Time Phase, wherein the ability would become invisible to respawning players.

6. Fixed some spawn issues with Bodyguard, to bring in line with other defensive abilities. We felt it was slightly overpowered in its current state.

7. Upon analyzing ability usage statistics, Poison Dart had effectively become a replacement to the Hidden Gun, and therefore we have decreased its aiming time significantly. The point payout is reduced to 250 points as well.


1. Sixth Sense's target-revealing ability has been removed. We felt that once again this made the job of the pursuers too easy, especially in Wanted and Artifact Assault. Sixth Sense's pursuer-revealing ability remains unchanged.

2. Resilience has been improved to provide 10% more duration reduction against Throwing Knives, Sabotage and Disruption.

3. Fixed some visual effect issues with Blender and Unstoppable.

4. Fixed an issue where cooldowns could be exploited using the Copycat perk.


1. Animus Hack now no longer resets on death. It will last the entire 30 seconds, even after respawn.

2. Requirements for the point streaks have been reduced by 1 each. Streak 250 now requires a cumulative of 7; and streak 550 a cumulative of 10.

3. Daze now lasts 3 seconds longer and has slightly increased range.


1. Fixed a general error where characters' body parts would sometimes disappear.

2. Fixed issues with the luxury weapons for all the DLC characters.

3. Decreased the price of Luxury Costumes from 60,000 Abstergo credits to 50,000.


1. Fixed some issues with the in-game friends list. List now updates properly upon the first login.

2. Fixed issues with the HUD glitching out in certain game modes.

3. Changed the background music for Charlestown, Saint Pierre and St Mathieu.
__________________________________________________ ______________

We know that this update was a long time coming. This patch has been carefully thought over and introduced. It will roll out over the next few days, depending upon your location as well as your platform. We hope that players will like this update; and as always, feedback is welcome. As a short time offer, all Armada, Bloody Seas and Anarchy costumes are 50% off as a way of thanking the community for their continued support. Keep assassinating, Agents.

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Happy april fool's day!! ^_^

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The april's fools joke is strong with this one, sir.

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If you don't prank us with this, thank You so much :) maybe this i not making the Servers better, but it is an awesome beginning. We will look How it'll work (will it come for pc too)?

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If you don't prank us with this, thank You so much :) maybe this i not making the Servers better, but it is an awesome beginning. We will look How it'll work (will it come for pc too)?

The gods are laughing at you right now. Don't you see it's not even in the right forum section (General Discussion is not for News and Announcements) not to mention a million other discrepancies.

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Just saw it, also it is the Only thing he wrote and he joined yesterday ;___;

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I only wish it was real and announced by some official person :(

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Waaait *sob* *sob*

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The above information is not from a Ubisoft employee and not factual. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. We are closing this thread.