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03-30-2015, 01:58 PM
This week we sent out our insanely long Community Spotlight interview to PneumaticBog484. You might remember him from a few skillgames that generated quite a stir on “ye old interwebz”. You may also know him from his awesome (and brain-destroying) participation in one of the Trials Live ‘Murica livestreams.

What you may not know is that PneumaticBog is super down to Earth. He’s also one of the coolest, most intelligent and respectful kids (under 21 and I call you “kid”, yeah, I’m old) I’ve met.


What’s your first trials game?

My first Trials game was Evolution, which I got back in the summer of 2013. It was actually just a happy coincidence that I even found it in the first place. It was highlighted in the "Xbox Live Demos of the week", and I decided to download it because I was bored that afternoon. After playing through all of the tracks in the demo you could say my boredom was cured. I was then overjoyed to find that the game was only $20, and quickly bought it to finish up the campaign tracks. At that point I realized that there was an Editor included in the game and yah... there went the rest of my summer.

How long have you been building in Trials?

I started building as soon as I got my hands in the Editor. My first few attempts (read 30+) at a track were horrid; the first map I ever released ran at about 5 frames throughout the whole track. Right after that first release I discovered the "Other Half" of the Editor; Skillgames.

I think my first "You can make what in Trials?!" moment came when I saw katamariUK's FPS. From that moment on I was obsessed with making an FPS like him. I watched all of Shogun's Tutorial videos, and ended up re-watching almost all of them to get the full gist of the Editor; it's a powerful beast to be reckoned with. I also learned a lot from backlashgamez and his tutorials on making FPS's.


What made you start building in Trials?

I think the main reason I started building in Trials was the capability I got to see in the Editor. I've always loved to create stuff and when I saw how far people were pushing the Editor in Track Central, I was excited to do something like them. The variety of tracks in the feeds let my imagination wander and whatever my brain thought up, I figured the Editor could handle. Its intuitive controls, vast variety of objects, and deep coding systems sealed the deal for me, and I've absolutely loved using it ever since.

How do your friends react when you talk about Trials? How does it show outside that you like Trials?

My friends had the standard "You can make what in Trials?!" reaction that most non-Trials fans give when I first showed them some of the awesome content the community has made. They instantly compared it modding and coding to which I proudly replied that Trials gives you all the tools you'll ever need to make a map. They've all been very supportive of my maps these past years and I'm really thankful for it. I've run numerous ideas by them and they have always helped me shape my Skillgames and brainstorm ideas for new maps. I couldn't ask for better amigos.


What’s your favorite memory related to Trials?

My favorite memory related to Trials is going to have to be when I got to participate in a Twitch Stream with ShiftySamurai and Johkr. It was a great time getting to meet them both and hang out for an hour with so many Trials fans on stream. They were both so gracious to me and everyone in chat was nothing but nice too. It was a fond memory for me which I shall remember for a long time.


What’s your favorite type of tracks?

My favorite difficulty of Trials Tracks would have to be from Hard to Extreme. Tracks that are difficult to perform speed runs on, but not too difficult to complete on a first run. Of course though, my favorite type of track has to be Skillgames. I love the variety and complexity Skillgames bring to Trials and I'm always eager to check out new Skillgames when they hit Track Central.

Holy crap you are crazy good at building stuff. I know that’s not a question, answer it anyway!

I appreciate it Shifty :) [while I will take credit, this was a Shogun “question” - Shifty] To prospective builders, remember, practice makes perfect. It's taken me close to 2 years to get to where I am now, and I'm still learning stuff about the Editor every day. Take new concepts a bit at a time, learn each part of the Editor separately, and get used to all the controls. It can seem like a daunting task at first, but I promise it pays off when you've learned it all.

How does your brain work?

I assume my brain works like a normal brain. Unless I am a zombie, in that case I probably lost it somewhere.

How does your brain work (In all seriousness, how did you develop your skills in the Trials Editor)?

I started like most people started, by just getting my hands on the Editor. This is probably the most important way to learn the Editor. Hands on experience and testing out each feature yourself can give you the best understanding of the Editor's workings and allow you to build your own personal knowledge. If you feel overwhelmed at first like I did, I recommend watching all of Shogun's Editor Tutorials on YouTube (TrialsGames). He delves deep into each part of the Editor from Basic Controls to Logic Chains. Once you've mastered that, I recommend watching some more advanced tutorials like backlashgamez FPS tutorials. You can also load up some of the example tracks from Evo and Fusion which include Logic Chains in action.

Even if you are not planning on making Skillgames, the knowledge you gain from learning how Logic Chains work can greatly improve your available skillset to then use in Trials Tracks. If you do want to create Advanced Skillgames I recommend learning how the 3D coordinate planes work. Virtually every major game these days implements some form of a 3D system and Trials is no different.

Many other features also carry over from general game design just as a gravity factor, physics, vectors/arrays, matrices, program flow control, and many more, so learning these features for Trials can help you master coding as well. Once you have learned the workings of the Editor, it is really only a matter of adding your desired game element, as almost all topics in game design can be implemented into Trials.

You’ve gotten a lot of exposure for your Minecraft and CoD Zombies recreations. Can you tell us a little about creating these?

My Minecraft map was actually one of my quickest maps to build, it took me only a few weeks. It was a spontaneous idea that I had one afternoon, it wasn't something that I have been planning to do for a long time. I enjoyed building it though, because it was something different than what I had done up until that point. Most of my maps, including Evo maps, had been some form of a shooter, and it was refreshing to work on something about manipulation and construction rather than gunshots.


CODZ, on the other hand, was my longest map to build and a shooter; around 3+ months of effort. It was meant to be a spiritual successor to similar maps I had made in Evolution. The AI for the zombies was the main reason I spent so long on the map, with most of my time spent on just getting the zombies to follow their desired paths. I would have to say I am most proud of this map, as I am very happy with how the entire product came together, since I kept most of the map in separate components until the end to help organization.


What’s next for PneumaticBog484?

Unfortunately and fortunately school is my top priority right now. Trials has had to take a seat for the time being, but I still find time to work on maps every once in a while. I hope to release a good number of maps this summer and I am happy to hear about any maps you guys would like to see me create.

What would you like to say to all the readers?

To you the reader I say "Build a Trials map". Nothing else has brought me as much joy as materializing my ideas into concrete Trials maps and I guarantee you will find just as much joy in it too. The Trials Editor is among the best, if not the best, most intuitive tool you will find to convert your swirling ideas about a cool setting, game mechanic, or art style into reality.

You may be new to Trials, or think that you're not good at building maps, but know that there is no such thing as a bad map, only a bad attitude. Each and every map has added a new perspective to the growing Trails Community and I gladly welcome all new Creators to Trials. Come build with us!

Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us, PneumaticBog!

That’s it for the Community Spotlight for now, but keep your eyes on this space. You may also want to keep your eyes on your Ubisoft Forum PMs. You never know when you may get a message asking for your email address and your chance to be in the Spotlight.


03-30-2015, 02:06 PM
Congrats on the spotlight, Bog, you've definitely earned it!

It's a bit of a shame I can't play your tracks/skill games as I'm on PC only. :(

03-31-2015, 01:44 AM
Congratulations bog I love cod zombies and can't wait until I get a x1 to play your tracks:)

03-31-2015, 01:25 PM
Congratulations Bog! I'm always impressed by what you make in trials, still waiting for Ducky Dojo to cross platform.

04-01-2015, 04:42 AM
I really appreciate all the support guys. It always makes my day to come on here and see how nice y'all are. :)

A big thank you to Shifty, Badger, and Shogun for getting this article together! I'm honored to be in featured in this spotlight and I hope we get to see tons more awesome Trials fans featured like this. It's been a blast getting to be part of this community. Forum Members, Xbox Friends, Redlynx, and so many more; y'all are the best out there! :)

@Blackbird I think I'll make another one soon, maybe not as complicated so that it may have a chance :p

- Pneumaticbog484

Rudemod 69
04-01-2015, 10:48 AM
Nice one, Bog. Well deserved.

04-01-2015, 12:58 PM
Takes me back to when i should have been at school and not working 40 hours a week down parkway market at 3 in the morning in sheff for cash in the hand hahha.

Well done bog , i have seen the vids of your cod game and it looks really hard to build , hard i mean imposible. So young , so talanted , dont waste it on fast cars and loose women ( keep them for the weekend :p)

well done bud