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03-28-2015, 06:32 PM
hi guys

Is there away in the editor before uploading to check if any dlc objects might have crept into the track. I am making a track freefrom dlc and wondered if this could be detected before upload. Does it show in the final stages of track share after screen shot selection and tags , just a thought without checking the track.

cheers if anyone can help.

03-31-2015, 12:39 PM
I think you accomplished the upload with no dlc. The tricky one is not using dlc sounds. I learned this the hard way and saw the list provided at a later date. The no dlc makes a decent difference in downloads.
They should allow ALL players a free dlc content pack download. It's better for the game. In 6 months, make Trials a free download for the ps4. I see this coming,

04-05-2015, 02:12 PM
sorry only just saw this reply vagas , and yes i managed to do it without any dlc. I was very nearly was taken by the sounds and only realised i was using one by accident so its so easy to let one slip. I have noticed though that most sounds that have come in the dlc are towards the end of the lists in the sound event so i just stook to the beginning ones mainly.

Looking at my track with now over 2000 downloads shows just how many people are still playing trials really. So i agree the dlc should either be sold off dirt cheap or like u said be free to download. This can only do the game good and create more downloads if my track and its downloads is anything to go buy. Not for one moment would i have thought a track even with no dlc would accumalate over 1500 likes. The fact people are willing to still play fusion should be taken advantage of. I say give it away now they have already made there moneies worth out of it.

Ozy Be
04-05-2015, 06:31 PM
Two words... Compatibility pack ;)

Those who pay for the dlc would have the content included as is, new in-game tracks, rider gear, editor objects for building and whatever else.
And those who don't buy the dlc won't, but, a free compatibility pack would give access to Track Central tracks that use dlc objects,
Probably not feasible when measured up against hurting sales of the dlc packs,
But surely it would make the base game plus a compatibility pack very attractive to new users and in turn help sell more dlc packs?
Maybe, maybe not, just thinking out loud;)

04-06-2015, 09:27 PM
sounds like a decent idea ozy , either move would be a move forward for the game and tc.:) i reckon anyhow

04-07-2015, 09:30 AM
I understand non-DLC tracks get more downloads/plays but I personally won't build them often.

Main reason I see it useful is for XSX/multiplayer compatibility.

In the end it's up to the players themself to decide to buy DLC packs or season pass.

A free DLC compatibility is kinda a slap in the face to builders who want to use DLC objects, they gotta pay for it (even if the non-DLC buyers will miss on the 50+ tracks)

I much rather just see a discounted season 1 deal when season 2 comes, like a € 10 season 1 (with maybe even a promotional sale to include it in season 2 pass for free on early buys for a short period)

04-07-2015, 09:54 AM
Yeah i see where u are coming from teri in many ways it would be unfair but as it stands at the moment the amount of people that obviously dont have the season pass or dlc content is massive. A usual track of mine will get anything between maybe 500 - 700 downloads but the one without any dlc at all accumalated within one week over 2000 downloads and is still rising rapidly. Of course its up to the person buying these but lets not forget alot of these are kids playing this game and dont really have control over what they actually can pay for , which is down to parents and so forth. Alot i would imagine might not even know that there is dlc content as its not widely advertised within the main parts of the game. I spend a ms second in the main menu if that and very hardly read the banner above unless promted by some other means. If season 1 was given away or even dirt cheap this would entice parents and other people to see what its all about and hopefully it would generate alot more imput into the next season being there is going to be one.

Giving it away does seem alittle unfair i agree but the amount that havent bought into the dlc is incredible i think and should be adressed with some solution. Alot i would also imagine are new to the game and most likely take the stand that they are old and not really part of the game anymore. Like cod for instance , old maps tend to stop in sales because people know that everyone will know every single sniping spot and camping ground hahah , so they tend not to buy into it. thats suggesting that the downloaders of this are newish anyway. I know me personely if i new thousands are playing my game but 3 quater of them havent bought the dlc would be something i would take a long hard look at and see if there is anything i could do to increase sales of the one just gone or the new one to come. If there is one hahaha.

Of course this was a one of and just to see if it made any difference in downloads in which it did on a massive proportion and likes. 1670 likes in one week does give one a little tickle lol

04-07-2015, 10:21 AM
I understand in terms of downloads, something need to be done with season 1 once season 2 comes to keep the playerbase active, as building a (non-ninja) track for 100-200 downloads is a lot of time for little.

I know building is for personal enjoyment but also seeing lots of other's play/like/make videos of your tracks is added bonus.

I have made levels for counter strike/unreal tournament in the past but it just didn't feel the same as I knew they'd likely never get hosted on some servers (I did not host games)

Trials allows uploading/hosting of content which makes the custom side of things great, even if PC is the smallest platform in terms of tracks (we only just passed 3000 the other day).

Soon I will likely spend more of my time making custom content for GTA V PC (races/deathmatches etc), & playing GTA Online , game will be out next week, but still will build for Trials as well.

When I built in the past (before ALL 6 dlc were out) I tried to limit myself to only 1 or 2 DLC before, but I much rather just use all 6 if it improves the track as each DLC has at least a few universal objects/sounds/effects that can be used in many themes.

04-07-2015, 10:31 AM
I know those games although i think counter strike if just pc isnt it , friend use to be mad on it. Didnt know it was the same sort of building interactive thing though.

No doubt they will think of something , they seem to have up the whole gaming experience within tc as times gone on , then again would be good if people actually put ninja in ninja cat lol. Most do though. Also saying all the above i have noticed an increase in downloads in general as of late. Coming to think of it maybe because its easter hols and kids are off school could play a part in it. They wanna wack the advertisments up within holiday periods , intice us oldies to cough up the doe for dlcs lol.

Either way still best money i got for my buck in the gaming world.

04-07-2015, 10:39 AM
Either way still best money i got for my buck in the gaming world.

Definately in terms of content in recent years games been offering less for more, and Trials is an exception,

04-07-2015, 02:26 PM
When they release a season 2 , they either need to have huge discounts on season 1, combine season 1 with base game and don't sell just the base game anymore (even tough that's already too late for people who bought the game already) or give out season 1 for free (or just make all dlc tracks free to play without dlc on TC)
or just all of the 3 combined

Else it's just going to just further divide the community with no point in using DLC objects because more than half of the people won't be able to play the tracks because they miss like 1 dlc object you used in a track.

And stop seperating the seasons in seperate dlc's. In a game where user created content drives the replayability, that's just a dumb idea. If I use one object from 1 dlc and somebody doesn't have it he can't play the track...And just to clarify, I will never keep in mind that some people might not have dlc's, mainly because I bought them to use them freely.

And if there will be a season 2. Make seperate global leaderboards for base game - season 1 - season 2. Don't force people to buy season passess to be competetive on leaderboards.