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03-25-2015, 09:31 PM
Well i just started playind AC games 6 montg a ago i pkayed it from the first AC to AC Rogue as i of yet to get me a ps4 or a xbox one witch i am going to buy thanks to AC games. I have played all kind of games, from fighting, rpg, story,first person shooter to games like fable GTA and Saint Row .Assassins Creed games has become my favorite and right now the only game i am playing till i finish the entured story. I love history, the acurecy of history is amasing, Ubisoft has brought gaming to a higher level, but i notice some fans are not happy and i didnt understand as i find the game is in a complete form and keeps the player intrested in all aspects of the game.But one of the reason is character selection and i belive that is a easy fix for both the fans and the producers and writers of this amasing game. My opinion or idea, itch Ubisoft is welcome to use if they aprove of it, is the use of two or more stories that connect with each other and a male a female character that follow ther individual expiriences thruout the game and like Assassins Creed Liberation at least two personas to follow the story the assassin and the character open life. So with the two way to tell the story male side and female side and two ways to movetru the story one as an assassin and the other as a civilian, the fan will get two points of view and two diferent fellings as the character move thru the stry line.In my opinion is an intresting idea and it could also improve multiplayer and my personal idea for the hide out and posible living corters of the character is personal customization of it as we see favorble and you knows mayby Ubisoft can make a coop story/ split screen mode in one of the future downloads.
This is my opinion as how to some what please some fans wih out artering Ubisoft writers already plan ideas.

Please let me know what any one thinks of this idea.

03-25-2015, 10:34 PM
I just don't think they could pull it off based on their recent performance. AC3, Rogue and Unity all botched the story of a SINGLE protagonist, let's not hope for multiple ones until they start consistently upping their game in the narrative department.