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03-24-2015, 08:06 PM
Basically, just post any Speculation and Idea you want, and comment on others.

Here's my personal opinion:

SPECULATION - Templars behind Industrial Revolution

Think about it: Templars have had a hand in the development of tech for centuries. An interesting possibility is that they are invenging this technology through the knowledge of what I call The Codex of Eden (a Precursor encyclopedia of technology, giving them intel on how to build advanced machines with the recources they have access to). This could cause the Brotherhood to split down the middle on wether or not this new Templar-crafted tech should be incorperated into the Assassin gearset, and on the matter of abandoning the hidden blade. This could cause alot of internal conflict and drama.

IDEA - Police and Public reputation meter

Recently I started a post on the controversy of killing guards, and I got some really good answers (a special and heartfelt thank you to all the intelligent people who participated in that thread). One person mentioned how Victorian England was very pro-police, and going to be awfully controversial killing bobby cops with non-lethal batons). I was thinking there could be a police rep meter going from outlaw to ally. The lower it is, the more aggressive they are towards you. If it's really high, perhaps achieved through solving crimes and helping them catch criminals, theycan help you with assassinations. Another one forcivillians could be useful too.

IDEA - A much more intricate Creed Point system

I'm thinking, maybe giving your targets last rights and leaving some enemies alive on a mission can award you creed points, which grant you upgrades and gear. Get the max point cap, and you become a Master Assassin on the council and get to operate Assassin bases and logistics throughout London (kinda like Fleets in Black Flag). And maybe becoming a mentor gets you one or more Assassin student companions, whos gear you can customize to help you in battle. Perhaps murdering people who dont have to die or are innocent and selling out Assassins locations to Templars and other bad guys for large sums of money makes you lose points. Lose too many and your exiled and have to perform certain tasks to re-join, thenclimb back up the ranks. Maybe you could also get creed points for non-lethal takedowns on non-targets.

03-24-2015, 08:29 PM
Already done mate: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/998408-AC-Victory-Speculation-Thread

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As already posted - we have an ongoing thread - please post your ideas there :)