View Full Version : Collecting podcast questions for Dead Kings writer Jeffrey Yohalem

03-24-2015, 07:31 PM
Hey all, I'm working on a new podcast episode... this one will be a discussion of the Dead Kings DLC with its writer Jeffrey Yohalem! Jeffrey previously wrote AC Brotherhood, The Lost Archive, The Da Vinci Disappearance, all of AC2 and ACB's glyph puzzles, as well as Far Cry 3 and Child of Light.

Click here to submit and vote on Dead Kings questions for Jeffrey: https://www.google.com/moderator/#16/e=1fc052

Don't ask questions in this thread as they will be ignored. Look for the finished episode in a week!

03-24-2015, 07:42 PM
Ohhhh this should be interesting!

I might ask a question that's not related to Dead Kings. Is that alright? I wonder what his response would be to people saying Brotherhood is far too black and white.

03-24-2015, 07:49 PM
Go for it. The discussion will primarily be about Dead Kings but we can definitely squeeze some other AC questions in if people are interested.

03-24-2015, 08:05 PM
Decided not to ask about the villains in ACB. That's more a question for Corey since Brotherhood was just following AC2's example.