View Full Version : Weapon balancing issues.

03-23-2015, 07:35 AM
I loved Rainbow six so much, I played Rogue spear, Raven shield, Lock down, vegas, vegas 2, I liked the series because it is a pure gun FPS where no vehicles are involved.

I haven't played CS before but I'm currently playing Alliance of valiant arms, No.1 FPS in Asia. Not gonna mention the pros and cons, because it's still a very different FPS where PVP is 99% hip fire fights, only sniper will use scopes.

The thing I wanted to bring up is "Weapon balancing", it is something that I don't see managed so well since the beginning of the Rainbow six series even up to vegas 2. There is just always that few weapons players will use, the other weapons were always collecting dust because there is no reason to use them. I played these games too long ago, so my memory might be off.

Rainbow six Rogue spear was all about MP5K PDW, FN P90, Enfield L85A1, Steyr AUG A1, AK74M
Rainbow six Raven shield was all about MTar-21, M4, AK74M, Steyr AUG A1, G36K, FAMAS G2, Galil ARM, L85A1, Tar-21, RPD
Rainbow six Lock down, R6 team was all about SR-4, G36C, Mercenary team was all about AN-94, SA58
Rainbow six vegas, vegas 2 was all about FAMAS G2, M468, XM8, Tar-21

People were using them more often than the others because they have clear advantage over the others, there is just no trade off, some weapons are just superior, some weapons are just inferior.

In my opinion, guns are supposed to have its weakness and strength with respect to situation, land scape.

-SMG, personal defense weapon, machine pistol, should be superior at CQC fights yet inferior at long range fight, such features should be characterized and emphasized as relatively accurate hip fire (aim down sight in CQC is really stupid), higher strafe mobility, higher overall mobility, higher reload speed where accuracy at range and the effective range will be very limited

-Assault rifle, DMR, EBR, should be the most versatile in all situation yet inferior to SMG category in CQC situation and inferior to sniper rifles in long range fight, these weapons have always been the most dominating weapons in the history of rainbow six and that's why they should only be granted with average fire power, average accuracy, average wall bang capability, I'm not happy with how you can beat every other weapon at all situation if you have an assault rifle because you have sufficient CQC capability, and when you scope in to spray, it is so laser to the point that you wouldn't need a sniper rifle

-Shotgun, light machine gun should be the best thing to use to destroy doors, barriers, suppressing fire, such features should be characterized and emphasized as environmental object damage, machine gun should have above average damage/wall bang capability, however the down side of these weapons are relatively slow movement, slow reload speed

-Sniper rifles should be the best thing to use at long range engage, with superior wall bang capability, effective range, accuracy and damage, however down side is scope in speed, large weapon that blocks your view, slow movement, slow reload speed, horrible hip fire accuracy, I hope we have some sort of scope sway that you need to hold breath just like what it is in Far Cry 3/4

-Side arms should be the back up weapon, some weak ones should have fast draw speed, some strong ones should have slow draw speed

I'm just basically saying, assault rifles are usually overpowered because of its versatility. So, you should let their recoil kick harder while scoped in/aimed down iron sight, such that you would want to use a sniper rifle at long range fight. And give the SMG category more stamina for sprinting, hip fire capability such that you would want to use SMG for a rushing tactics.

Please take some more time on diversifying the weapon selection, it is the one of the most important thing in an FPS.