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03-21-2015, 05:12 AM
Ok so i got Ac Rogue and i waited to play it after Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor, So anyways ? about rogue.......and things i see.

Ok Kinda pissed this is not on the ps4 or xbox one, i hate to play it on the ps4 and then have to play it again later on the ps4, i will have to lol

also kind pissed because it feels like a longer dlc for black flag, but so far its good.

Few ?

What are alll the glitches and things for the Ps3 version?
I've come in to more glitches in Rogue then i did in Unity. One i got stuck in the water and could not get out i was between a dock and boat had to quite and then come back or reload. another issue i had i was doing something on a island that had a out post, and i got killed by very heavy guards and when it reloaded i was on my ship plowing through land and i was getting kills and the boat was getting damage and i was being seen by guards on the land. it was like a over lay o two timelines. Had to reset, Same thing not sure if if it was part of the battle but a boss battle with your first fort take over, their was a track that kept playing of a outside ,sniper and every so often the bosses steel sword and the snipers shoot kept killing me.IS their a sniper in the room with you, it was not the boss cause he had his sword out kicking the sht out of me lol the fight was so anoying.

What In Rogue Can be taken back from you?
samples, forts, camps, headquarters, plantations.Cant rember what other things you have to capture in Rogue lol :)
Lol wish the controls wore better lol :cool:

03-22-2015, 02:03 AM
Help any