View Full Version : New AMD Crossfire profile with beta driver appears to improve performance for ACU

03-21-2015, 01:02 AM
Just installed the latest AMD beta drivers, they include an updated Cross fire profile for ACU, I can say tentively that for my card at least: Hd 6990, the profile is a definitive improvement, with settings of ultra for environment, high for textures(ultra created severe lag) high shadows, HBAO and FXAA, I am getting around 34 fps,(prev around 20) with no lag and the occasional stutter, on the rooftops its over 44 fps.

These are betas so there may be even more improvement with CF.

update, I appear to be getting freezes every ten seconds, this is despite much higher GPU usage on both cores than before, 90/80 so I don't think it is to do with textures loading