View Full Version : MP - rewarded for playing badly?

03-20-2015, 12:27 PM
Something I first noticed in wolfpack (definitely in AC4, possibly in 3, too), but has also come through to ACU club competitions, is that some of the bonuses rely on playing badly.

In wolfpack, there was one particular bonus of "revive another player", which you would only be able to complete if your teammate got knocked unconscious. My play partner and I would often get stuck trying to achieve this bonus because we were also trying to beat the match with higher bonuses on kills, which precludes actions which would get you knocked out. The only way to get that bonus is to be seen by the AI, which goes against the principles of the game.

In ACU, the current bonus is "win a fight in critical health". If you're playing well, you shouldn't be getting into critical health.

How come we're being rewarded for situations that we'd be expected to avoid in normal play?