View Full Version : PS4 Vicious Entropy Looking to recruit (PS4)

03-19-2015, 11:53 PM
Hello there,

Vicious Entropy is a new clan looking to recruit all kinds of members for fun and competition. We are a multi-gaming community, this has as a benefit that everyone can stay in the clan for every kind of game they'd like to play. The aim is to recruit a community that plays all kinds of games.

Vicious Entropy is currently looking for:

-Any member who wants to have fun with friends and explore multiplay and coop play aspects of a game in a friendly environment

-A leader for the competitive section of the game. The leader is required to:

-create own events

- to competitively play and create an active competitive community in this game.

-To accept all who would like to join competitive play under terms he presents to me for approval.

- have some skills in emotional intelligence, to be social and very active gaming.

- To present a decent moral compass and report any abusive behaviour of members to me

Just register on the site Viciousentropy.enjin.com and i will ask you a few questions to make out your gaming profile.