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03-18-2015, 03:19 AM
Hi, I'm new to this forum and sorry if this topic already exist, but I tried to look on other threads and didin't find anything.

So my question is that:
Isn't Necro way stronger than Haven?

I have 2 heroes now, a Might Haven and Magic Necro and think it's way easier to play with necro. Why?
Well for starters, undeads are imune to some effects, like poison and mind control.
Also, undeads have more ranged units, which means more immunity against retaliation.
Undeads have more mobility. More units can float/ fly/ teleport than Haven units
Healers vs Healers, banshees seems stronger than priests. Banshees can fly, have ranged attack, they can area heal (large area by the way) and also hurt enemies while healing. Priests can only single heal. Period. If you compare upgraded units, the second ability of banshees seems better also (to block enemies ability use vs inquisitor void shield which is not that great)
Glories are great, but blindness don't work on a bunch of enemies (a lot of enemies are undead/ spirits/ constructs). Also they can't move and attack like Liches. If they move, they are attacking with teleport. Liches can move to get a better position or get away to use the ranged attack.
Lamasu have area decay and passive aura (upgrade), and also can fly, while cavaliers have only charge/ heavy charge, and other ability that allows to move through obstacles. That means you have to use both skills for better effect...
I haven't got upgraded vampires or upgraded namtaru yet to compare, so I won't say anything yet about griffin and angels.

So what dou you think?

03-30-2015, 04:45 PM
hi i would not really say haven is weaker than necro but you are our counter faction
you just don't have cards to play it
haven is defence i don't know there names but i tell you what they do
you need a flyer dude that makes other flyers lose 2 damage don't know name
u have a shooter defender again 2 damge gone
and a melee one with 2 damge gone
most of nerco monsters are only 2 damge so it is a nice stall there
and some card that flips retaliation to attack kills us
some other person tell you name of cards i am just a high lvl noob 156 at knight
ps no counter on your monsters spell is good to run at least 2 or 3 of those
ooh and some thing to make your mobs untargetable from soul revers and other quick kill things