View Full Version : Realistic mode

03-16-2015, 11:14 AM
Will there be a mode with a realistic focus? Realistic damage if you get shot in a part thats not covered with body armor? Example: if shot in the foot you imidiatly fall to prone position and move slow?I also think that if your hit in a place you have bodyarmor, it should have an similar effect as if you would have been shot wearing bodyarmor in real life. I hardly think you can sprint towards an enemy and just take hit after hit in your chestplate. Like a direct hit to the front of your chestplate could knock you down, but you wouldnt lose any particular health over it, and can stand up again in a couple of seconds. At least a 50-50 percent chance of it. And different types of calibers have diffrent effect on the target.

And how realistic will the weapons be? Like an 9mm from an MP5 have diffrent qualities than an 4,6mm from an MP7 (will shoot through bodyarmor)

I know this will be a game with focus on fast paced shooting, but making a mode where you really have to think and consider how you enter and clear a room, because of the realistic damage system, will make the players more on edge and focused when playing.