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03-15-2015, 10:14 PM
just wondering. for me it comes close between AC: B and AC: 4

liked AC 4 because it offered various naval missions and assassination missions along with naval forts. hunting was also kind of fun.

AC:B Had the forts, scripted assassination missions, and Leonardo's inventions missions. also crypt missions made a return too, and finally faction missions.

feel as though AC B had more of a variety of missions. (May be forgetting some.) also enjoyed all of AC Bs side missions.

AC B is also one of the only ACs in which I liked to go off and play the side missions without feeling like I was distracting myself from finishing the game

03-15-2015, 10:18 PM
Regarding "assassinish" stuff, ACB. However I pick AC IV: Underwater levels, plantantions that refill, Forts, the kinda deep templar hunts. I only miss the old school Ezio´s trilogy platforming levels..

03-15-2015, 10:21 PM
Regarding "assassinish" stuff, ACB. However I pick AC IV: Underwater levels, plantantions that refill, Forts, the kinda deep templar hunts. I only miss the old school Ezio´s trilogy platforming levels..

ohh man I forgot about those!

03-15-2015, 10:49 PM
Hard one.


- Templar agents
- Romulous lairs
- War machines
- Contracts
- Thief assignments
- Courtesan assignments
- Borgia Towers

- Master Assassin missions
- HQ missions
- Desmond's Journey
- Hagia Sofia
- Den take overs
- Den Defense

- Naval missions
- Forts
- Homestead missions
- Hunting missions
- Liberation missions
- Captain Kidd missions

- Plantations
- Forts
- Legendary ships
- Diving
- Harpooning
- Templar hunts
- Contracts
- Naval contracts
- Treasure hunting

- Paris stories
- Murder Mysteries
- Co-op missions
- Heists
- Social club missions
- Cafe Theatre missions

AC II is out purely because it has the least amount of quality side missions.
AC III is out because of lack of proper context for some content and how it doesn't mesh well with the narrative.
ACR is out because everything feels disconnected

I'll say ACB and not Black Flag on the basis that BF throws all the side missions at your face all at once without proper context, while ACB does a better job of easing you in. The entirety of ACB's side content base revolves around the main narrative goal. It involves sabotage, espionage and theft. It's compact and contained. My only complaint against it would be that it doesn't make sense if done AFTER the story. A date at the start of each one (like in AC III) would have made this better.

03-15-2015, 10:52 PM
Gotta give this to AC4. Not only did we have hundreds of assassination contracts in nearly every location but then we also had a bunch of naval contracts. Then we had the hunting,harpooning, underwater ship wrecks, plantations, and actual side missions with cutscene's ( the templar hunt things). Furthermore, there were also treasure hunts for finding upgrades where we had to utilise the treasure maps provided, as well as numerous forts to take down. Also, you could chuck the MD hacking in as a side activity if you like. And then Legendary ships for those who have collected all the chests, shanties, animus fragments etc.

There was so much to do that was actually FUN, hence why I'd put AC4 on top.

03-15-2015, 10:55 PM
Hard one.




I'll say ACB and not Black Flag on the basis that BF throws all the side missions at your face all at once without proper context, while ACB does a better job of easing you in.

You forgot AC I......:mad:


03-15-2015, 10:59 PM
You forgot AC I......:mad:

But but but....it only has one side activity

03-15-2015, 11:58 PM
ACB, it had both great gameplay and sufficient narrative context - which hasn't really been replicated since. At least not as well, lately the games are focused on side 'quests' as opposed to actual missions. As in, they're very basic mini-stories that we just sort of come across in the world without a proper introduction and narrative purpose. They lack incentive, have zero production values and the objectives are too samey for each of them. I'm talking about things like Paris Stories and Delivery Quests, compare them to the Romulus Lairs or Leo's War Machines and they pale in comparison - they're comparable to the utterly tedious quests you need to do in RPG's just to grind and level up. These are easier to make so they're littered throughout the world in the name of 'moar content'. This is excusable for one chain of side missions but if literally all (Unity - don't count Co-op since separate game mode) or a vast majority (AC3) of missions are like that it's pointless and isn't enjoyable.

03-16-2015, 12:19 AM

even though it lacks story heavy side missions, it has the best gameplay-focused side missions

tho i only played side missions from AC3, ac4, and unity

03-16-2015, 04:03 AM
Really liked the side missions in ACB, AC3 and AC4.

03-16-2015, 07:42 AM
Until UNITY and ROGUE I think all the side acitivites were good but I have some caveats.

1) I don't see how BROTHERHOOD having best side activities is fair when the game is nothing but side activities. It has a tiny main story (enough for a STORY DLC as it was originally intended) with assassination missions even less nonlinear than AC3. I actually prefer the plot of The Da Vinci Disappearance to Brotherhood overall. my point is side activities are just that, they are side activities, they can't supply or compete or take focus away from the main plot. They have to coexist.

2) AC2's Tomb Quest is probably the best single side quest in that it's something that while not being essential to the main story is something you are compelled to finish anyway, mostly because the main story with Altair's codexes and the upgrades already put such a shadow that it makes total sense for Ezio to get it, and the Tombs are distributed across the map well. REVELATIONS has a better environment for exploring side activities, since Istanbul is a gorgeous city, the plot is Ezio on Vacation so you are compelled to go beyond the beaten track. The books you collect are the best collectibles in the series, since it has a story connection with Ezio's romance with Sofia and all the books appear in the library with special Subject 16 written commentary.

3) AC3 has the most original side activities, in creates new activities for a new hero rather than adapt the Ezio mechanic to a new century. So instead of armour (which with regenerating health is unnecessary) we have a cool real-life mystery regarding Captain Kidd (which gets added bonus after Black Flag where Kidd has a sea shanty and supplies the alias of Mary Reade) that gives you a handy bullet dodging device. It introduced the clue mechanic, as well as folklore element with Frontiersman stories (stolen without credit for Paris Side Stories and Murder Mysteries in UNITY), and then you have the Homestead Missions which is simply about unselfishly helping people and if you play the Homestead alongside the sequences, it segues perfectly in the climax where Achilles dies near the same time as Haytham and there's a resolution in their friendship. In other words, the side missions bring the Colonial era to life and give a sense of how complex and unique that era was. The Assassin recruits are slightly flawed in my view, though I like the variety of missions it introduces. The Underground Tunnel missions are really spooky but it has no payoff, no reward aside from fast travel points and no lore aside from Masonic collectibiles and small puzzles which doesn't tie with the larger Assassin-Templar-FirstCiv conflict the way the Captain kidd missions do.

4) Black Flag takes a boring element from AC3 (those flying parchments) and makes it great with the sea shanties. But you know it fails big time for lack of originality with two sets of armor. When a game has regenerating health, you have no reason to wear armour, and a bullet deflecting armour (as opposed to a tiny ring that gives you a small advantage but not too large) destroys credibility since there's absolutely no reason for Edward to ever stop wearing it or why other people aren't bending backwards to get a hold of these objects. The integration of mechanics however work brilliantly. Plunder-Upgrade-Forts-Upgrade-Contracts-Cash-Diving-Upgrades-Treasure-Cash and Upgrades and once you fully upgrade you can take on the Legendary Ships.

5) UNITY. One the Nostradamus riddles has no connection to the Assassin-Templar-FirstCiv lore. Nostradamus is only there because he's a name common people recognize and the marketing people worked him in there. Two, the Blue Altair with Chainmail Hood outfit cannot logically offer an advantage in the age of Musket and Artillery. Three, it destroys stealth since it makes the hero stand out as even more of a moron than before since the outfit is that absurd. Four, bringing armour is again lazy rather than coming up with a new mechanic, MacGuffin or special upgrade.

03-16-2015, 09:01 AM
Have to go with Brotherhood. Great variety, and most importantly, every side mission ties into Ezio's overall quest - to remove Borgia influence from Rome. In all the other games most side missions are just stuff the assassin does in their spare time for seemingly no reason. With the exception of AC4 where Edward's main goal isn't even to be an assassin, but to become the richest pirate.

03-16-2015, 05:01 PM
Unity is a no-brainer for me. CO-OP, in general, is why I prefer it over the other titles. Many of the games are plagued by excessive collectibles and chests, but being able to free-roam & clear them w/ others makes the trip entertaining. I've barely done the Paris Stories, but the CO-OP missions alone are reason enough. It's full of replay value. Each mission has a cutscene w/ an engaging and straightforward narrative & objective, the missions are all diverse and brilliantly designed (they don't feel the same and enemy layouts/chests are swapped each time), and you're able to play them w/ up to 3 friends (w/ or w/o CO-OP, I still find them to be the best side missions).

Black Flag and Rogue are 2nd. I can't choose between the two. Many would prefer Black Flag, but I can't get over how fun and exciting eliminating Assassin Hideouts are. And the I like how diverse the 3 separate locations are in Rogue. It keeps the experience feeling less bland and repetitive.

Many consider Brotherhood's side missions to be the best, but I personally couldn't get into them. They're pretty enjoyable, but I felt there are too many cutscenes/dialog that interrupted gameplay flow and the linear mission designs often took me out of the experience. It just didn't provide what I want out of Assassin's Creed side content. Maybe I would have preferred it back during the Desmond Saga, but after being spoiled by the recent titles w/ their amazing open-ended mission designs & philosophy, going back and playing the past titles feels rough.

03-16-2015, 05:17 PM
But but but....it only has one side activity

Two, fighting Templar Knights and collecting flags.

03-16-2015, 06:12 PM
Two, fighting Templar Knights and collecting flags.

And save citizens.

03-16-2015, 06:12 PM
My favourite side activities:

AC2- Assassin tombs

ACB- Lairs of Romulus, Leonardo's machines,Templar Agents, Borgia Towers

AC3- Captain Kidd missions, Liberation missions, Forts, Naval missions

AC4- Forts, Legendary ships, Naval missions, Treasure hunting, Kenway's fleet

ACRo.- Assassin interceptions, Cormac's fleet, Legendary ships, Treasure hunts, Hunting Challenges

ACU- Heists, Murder mysteries, Paris stories, Café theatre missions

03-16-2015, 06:14 PM
assassins tombs were pretty fun too.

bah all dis brotherhood hype makes me wanna play the side missions


03-17-2015, 05:40 AM
They're kind of out of character, and not all that difficult, but the murder mysteries are my favorite side activity in the series yet. I really hope Victory brings them back.