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03-15-2015, 06:21 AM
As the title says - list the 3 games you like the most out of ALL of Ubisoft's releases. Give a short description after each game as to why it's there if you wish.


Assassin's Creed 2

I've played through and completed this game what must be over 20 times and each time I play, it still manages to impress me and keep me interested all the way - never faltering. The setting, the story, the cast, the voice acting, just everything is fantastic. Renaissance Italy was such a colourful and vibrant place. Listening to the heralds calling out the news from below while hearing the sound of your boots against the tiled roofs with Jesper Kyd's music playing is a gaming experience I'll never forget.

Far Cry 3

Okay - this game is gorgeous. I'm currently playing through it at the moment (to quench my FC thirst until FC4 on PS4 goes down in price) and it's so much fun! Wingsuiting, hang gliding, setting weed on fire with Skrillex blaring, blowing up cars, hunting golden tigers with a bow and more! The best thing though is the choice. Do you want to go in guns blazing? Or snipe from a far away hill? Or get close and personal with the machete? Or a mix of all three?! You are very much 'set free' on the island. Unless specifically required tasks can be completed in whichever way you see fit and that, quite frankly, is fantastic.

Rainbow Six: Vegas Two

I. Love. This. Game. Once you start to really get used to commanding your squad you can sweep rooms with ease. Perhaps you'll rappel in on the other side of the room after a flashbang has been thrown in. Perhaps you'll rappel down the side of the building and assist your team by shooting in through the window. Perhaps just before your team breaches a window you throw in a flashbang to cover them until they're back on their feet. Perhaps you smoke the room and use thermals to get the advantage. It's so thick with options and there's a real pleasure in sweeping through rooms quickly and cleanly.

So there's mine. Please discuss :)

03-15-2015, 12:26 PM
AC 2 would definitely have been one of my top 3 because when I first played AC it was great... not awesome just great... it had a lot of repetition BUT I could see the potential of what it could become.... (Similar to how I see the potential for Unity and Watch Dogs). Even though the opportunity to deliver something awesome may exist, it doesn't mean it will follow, but AC2 DID, it delivered everything that the potential had offered..... BUT, and this is just me, I'm sure.... the timed lever levels... I nearly smashed my monitor and PC to pieces... I'm sure it must be easier with a controller but when you have to jump against a wall and the second you touch it, jump sideways... I must of jumped straight back into the water over 1000 times, requiring me to swim back to the beginning and reset and pull the lever again..... I have no idea how long the game took me but if I played it for 80 hours... then 45 hours were spent just on the timed lever rooms. :(

It totally killed it for me even though the game was a masterpiece.

Far Cry 3

My all time favourite game... I have over 900 hours in this game, it is the same as AC, WD or tomb raider.... crafting, trading, viewpoints, skills, weapons, upgrades... etc.

But what sets it apart, head and shoulders over any other game is the characters, even the evil ones are strangely likeable, Vaas, Buck, Citra, Sam, Willis, Hurk and Dennis... all great and with some memorable sayings.... The language is adult and TBH I'd be saying the same things in that situation. The vehicles are all driveable, or flyable or....erm.... whatever word you use to say you can use it at sea ;).

The weapons are upgradeable, Stealth or "BLITZKRIEG" (Thanks Sam) is your choice... you can also be cunning and let the animals do your killing for you. there is a huge area to discover and the outpost missions are great....

Hugely likeable plot with twists and turns and the first time you meet a crocodile you WILL jump. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to anyone that this game should be in their library. If modern day AC gameplay and characters were this good we'd never get in an animus again.

Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity ? ;)

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

I loved the SWAT games and they were just missing something but R6V2 had it all.... and all for the reasons you have already stated, I do not know why we've had to wait so long for siege.

Assassin's Creed III

Moving away from a tried and tested success is always a big risk... the Ezio trilogy was fantastic, even now I still play revelations and the Revelations trailer with woodkid singing IRON, is on my desktop and gets viewed often... (On youtube if you haven't seen it) but AC3 was completely different maybe too much for some, but for me it breathed life into the series and refreshed it, it brought new things like sailing, sea battles, and homestead missions, a feeling of belonging to a community.... even though we are part of a brotherhood I never felt anything except a lone wolf until I helped the homesteaders. We lost some great things and we gained some new ones. There's the plot twist and the most likeable person is a Templar.

Things I would like to note...

I do not like multiplayer games (even though I am in a club in Unity :D) so most multiplayer games will never exist in my library unless the campaign is a decent play time with lots to do, so no campaign, no sale.

I am a big fan of Splinter Cell games and it is very hard not to put one of that series in my top 3, I love the night vision and the stealth game mechanics.

Watch Dogs is another like the original AC it was not good enough for me to bother finishing but it has HUGE potential, if that is ever used fully in WD2 then WD2 would be in my top 3.

Unity is an even bigger step forward than AC3 it has brought so many things I couldn't list them in under an hour and regardless of the bugs it should receive accolades and awards (how did DESTINY win something :confused:... rigged much ?) and the potential again exists for this to go on to be even better.

03-22-2015, 07:30 PM
#1. ACII - for the same reasons posted by "playlisting" above. I have played that game at least a dozen time and still enjoy the entire story, locations and quests.

#2. Brotherhood - because for the first time Ezio can recruit and send assassins on missions, plus also call them to his aid. I think this was a fabulous addition to the possibilites. Not to mention that ancient Rome never got old for me. The wolf dens were extremely interesting and challenging. This is also one of the reasons I have to list Revelations as a very close second to my #2 most favorite (sorry I just can't help it). All of a sudden we see an older Ezio learn new assassin ways (the hook, for example) and also recruit and train assassins. Plus the collection of memories ties in from Altair all the way to what seems Ezio's final part of his career. I do miss the continuity of the Auditore family of assassins. Have played both of these a dozen times.

#3. AC Black Flag. The underwater exploration, the various Caribbean locations (including Havana where I was born but in reality does not have mountains around it), and the naval battles were much fun. Have also played this about a dozen times.