View Full Version : Make a story about your life if you were an Assassin

03-15-2015, 05:23 AM
If i was an assassin I think I would live a normal life then as a young teen save an assassins life some how then after my parents are killed by templars I find and join the brotherhood.As I go on more and more missions the templars notice me and the relationship grows more intense astime goes by. Feel free to add more

03-15-2015, 05:57 AM
I play a video game console and relive memories for the other Assassins.

03-15-2015, 06:16 AM
Do a couple missions, meet someone, get busy, and reveal myself to be apart of the Templar Order.

Later on I handle some personal business and return to see most of my Order destroyed by my illegitimate child.

We later team up, kill some traitor in my fold, and break up after some BS family drama.

It concludes with us fighting, him saying stuff, me saying stuff, and I get stabbed in the throat.

I later die proud that I died doing what I thought was right.

03-15-2015, 06:18 AM
Personally, I wouldn't make another story with the death of my parents. It's way too overused, especially having them killed by Templars. Perhaps killed by an illness or disease, but I'd create an assassin who's main goal is to protect and serve the order and everything it stands for; someone who is there to get the job done and leave, sort of like Altair. Revenge/Vengeance stories are so overused nowadays it's boring and typical.

03-15-2015, 03:16 PM
I would witness my parents murdered by a bandit as a child.

I would plot to kill him years later at a court hearing, but be devastated when someone else beats me to it.
I would confide in the woman I love, who is disgusted that I was capable of attempting such a thing.

I am humbled by the fact that I have lived in luxury my whole life and no nothing of the struggles of the poor.

I leave everything behind and live as a vagabond until I end up in prison. Here I am recruited by the assassins.

They train me, but I do not complete the initiation. Killing a prisoner for the simple reason that I was ordered to do so. I know too much and can't leave alive.

I burn down the HQ as I escape, but save the master on the way out.
I return home to the city I grew up in, which is overrun with crime.

I go to my parents company and "borrow" advanced technology to assist me with my new mission. Crime fighting.

I end up kicking *** and discovering some wacky criminals in costumes, but the police want to arrest me, so I keep my identity a secret.

I kill the master who trained me because he has come to my city and gone off the deep end. He thinks the city is beyond saving and everyone must die.

Oh, and there's this spotlight that projects the assassin symbol on the clouds at night when a detective wants my help.

03-15-2015, 03:18 PM
Kill fools,

**** *****es

03-15-2015, 04:27 PM
I would sell all my secrets to Abstergo and live the good life as an undercover Templar.

Cash moniiieee

03-15-2015, 05:33 PM
I would sign up with the Sages and join Juno, because an actual godlike being seems the smart horse to back.

03-15-2015, 05:38 PM
I think I'd live in eagle sense mode 24/7.

Can't really think of anything else.

03-15-2015, 05:44 PM
I'd operate alone, an independent Assassin that isn't so misguided to fight for freedom but to use freedom as a way to reach peace. At some point I'd make peace with the Templars(regardless of what the Assassins would say) because having a never ending war accomplishes nothing in the fight for peace. One there is peace I'd go over to the Templars but Abstergo is both extreme and corrupt so I'd start a civil war among Templars. Those who are true to the cause(with Assassin support) agains those misguided, extreme and corrupt that wants to anslave everyone. One the conflict is over I'd be running Abstergo(and change their ways drastically) and both order would work for a common goal.

03-15-2015, 05:45 PM
After seeing how stupid the Assassins ideology is I would go join the Templars. Probably become a double agent. Get rich after joining the order and then I would buy a ps4 and play Unity. Probably get myself a Mac PC too.

03-15-2015, 06:55 PM
After 10 years of training, in my first mission I trip, fall, break my neck and remain a vegetable for the rest of my life.

03-16-2015, 06:51 AM
i think he ment his parents were killed because of saving the assassins life when the templars were trying to kill the assassin.

03-16-2015, 08:23 AM
Kill fools,

**** *****es