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03-13-2015, 08:31 PM
I know, I know Ė tons of people have posted their thoughts on AC: Unity, but I finally got around to writing up my thoughts/feedback on the game. The following is a wide variety of things that I liked, didnít like, or think could be improved on. I donít think thereís any spoilers in here, but use caution just in case if you havenít played the game.

Assassinations. I LOVED the open assassinations. The ability to choose my approach, find more information, create opportunities or allies (whether inadvertent or not), unique kills, etc. Ė to me, this was awesome! It made me want to actually replay the assassination multiple times to try different approaches and see what I may have missed before. I really hope this feature is continued and expanded on in future games Ė I really wish there were more unique kills, for instance (if I remember right, there were only 2). Even more options for creating distractions/opportunities/gaining intel would be great as well Ė possibly even have some that are mutually exclusive, thus offering even more reasons to replay the mission.
The scale and detail in Unity is incredible. For once it actually felt like I really was scaling buildings as tall as Notre Dame Ė and the Leap of Faith off of them? Wow.
No loading screens in the city: Being able to run completely across Paris without hitting a loading screen is incredible.
Parkour. Love the new parkour system. I keep calling Arno a spider monkey. Still needs some work on some aspects (sometimes Arno and I had very different ideas of what we were trying to do).
Murder Mysteries. Really liked the addition of this kind of side quest. Hope it comes back.
Customization options. Personally, Iím kinda torn on this one, although I like the attempt at introducing something new. As a big RPG fan, I love being able to customize my characters Ė the more options, the better. But thereís a difference between Assassinís Creed and Dragon Age: Inquisition (for example) to me Ė in DA:I, Iím playing MY character; in AC:U, Iím playing ARNO. While Iíve always liked being able to change the color scheme on my assassin, I feel kinda weird seeing him in different outfits. I pretty much always stay with the main hero outfit Ė itís just what I identify them with. Iím also not too keen on having to wear a particular piece or outfit for the stats that I want. Iíd rather be able to pick the stats, and have the appearance be more of a skin. That way Arno can look the way I want him, but have the stats for the way I play him.
Lack of multiple save files. Ok, to me, this was a big let down. Iím probably not in the majority, but I happen to replay my favorite SP games over and over again. Iíve played through every single prior AC game at least twice, some a half dozen times, and often to 100% sync every time. It bugs the heck out of me that I have to DELETE my save file to start a new game! I always keep my first 100% playthrough save and start a new file when I want to replay the game, in case I donít want to do a full 100% sync again or if I get distracted part way through and stop playing. I donít know if multiple saves were dropped because of a technical issue (possibly a conflict with saving progress for co-op?) or what, but I really hope they come back in future installments. As it is, Unity will be the first AC game that I DONíT replay.
Locked Content with App/Club/etc. Seriously, this needs to stop. I shouldnít have to log into multiple other devices to 100% my game. The app with Black Flag I was fine with because it provided an alternate way to manage an in-game system and could be helpful with the treasure maps, but locking in-game content (especially content required for 100% sync!) behind completion of a separate app that never fully worked is ridiculous. I also shouldnít have to participate in months of MP comps to unlock most of the best gear in SP. If the clubs only affected things for MP, I wouldnít have a problem with it. But when most of the best SP gear is locked, that just ticks me off. Especially since Iím not still playing an AC game 4-6 months after its release.
Modern Day. What was the point of even having Modern Day in Unity? All it did was tell you that everything you just did was useless. Really hope Modern Day is better in Victory.
Map Icon Filters. Why on earth do we not have the option to filter the map icons better? Instead all we have is a handful of pre-selected overall filters. In Far Cry 4, you can literally check on or off everything single icon.
Tombs. Iíd love to see Assassin tombs come back. Those were some of my favorite gameplay in AC2 and Brotherhood.
Notification of Optional Objectives. There needs to be better notification Ė half the time I failed the optional objectives because I didnít see them flash up on the screen, then disappear.

And hereís the biggest thing I had a problem with in AC: Unity: there was very little for me to feel invested in. I cared about Arno and Elise. That was it. There were no other characters that I felt invested in or connected to, except Belec a little. Heck, I still didnít even know the names of the rest of the council by the end of the game. In the Ezio trilogy, AC3, and AC4 there were numerous other characters that I cared about and that developed throughout the game(s). As pretty as Arnoís hideout is, again I donít feel connected to it. Itís just a house/tavern. On the other hand, I loved improving the Davenport Homestead in AC3 because of all the different characters and the story that involved. I really hope this is something thatís improved on in Victory and future installments.

If you actually read through all that, WOW! I'd love to hear what any of you think.

03-13-2015, 08:45 PM
That was a thoughtful review.

One brief comment about the Outfits:

Why would Arno want to dress as Shay under the circumstances...?
That's simply bizarre.