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03-12-2015, 09:56 PM
Very Minor possible spoilers for AC3 and Rogue

Ok so this is entirely an editorial piece, based solely on my opinion and in no way to I expect everyone to agree with me, I do welcome lively debate but i'm not going to respond to any blatant trolling or flaming because this is my opinion not me trying to force anyone to agree with me.

Rogue has reinforced my belief that this franchise needs a templar spin off. The grey area story telling that has been in place since AC1 begs for Duality. Ever since the first templar you killed in AC1 espoused his beliefs it has always struck me that while we view the assassins as the "heroes" that is only because we see the story from their perspective.

Nearly ever templar you kill thinks he is doing the right thing. Its easy to write them off as villains and use the old "they want to control humanity" line, but remember this is Assassin Propaganda, we have no proof that it is true or not. Yes many templars are not good people but many Assassins are as well. When we play as Altair, Ezio, Connor, Arno, (its less black and white with Edward) we are playing the "ideals" of the Assassin order not the commonplace assassin. Numerous times it was shown that some assassins are terrible people.

So what this franchise begs for is duality in the story line, Templar's Code and Assassin's Creed if you will, which will serve so many purposes, It will add a fresh take on the franchise, breath some life back into the story. It will allow the writers greater freedom in picking era's and locations (for example Feudal Japan but instead of the cliche Ninja, you play a Templar). It can provide a mechanic for a game with Co-Op PvP similar to Unity's Co-Op but where Templar players try to stop the Assassin players from completing their mission. Instead of having to release 2 games revolving around assassins every year they can release one Assassins Game and one Templar game, afterall coming up with new and interesting era's in history that people can relate to and weaving the assassins mythos into it cant always be easy.

Mainly this game is very clearly intended to be about the grey areas between two opposing ideologies with the same end game agenda (peace and stability) both sides want it, it was even mentioned in Rogue in some of the backstory material that once upon a time Templar's and Assassins, if not cooperated, at least had similar goals and methods. But we are shown only the Assassins side of the story, couched in their propaganda about freedom. But if you look at it from another perspective, the assassins are promoting Anarchy (everything is permitted) and if you look at the templars from another perspective they are looking to bring stability and order to the world so that mankind can stop holding itself back and advance to the Precursor race levels of knowledge.

I know many people don't like or want to see past the very surface of the story, Templars evil, Assassins good, but the fact remains that many templars you kill are not evil, they believe in their agenda, believe it will better mankind and are not looking to oppress anyone.

Remember how shocking the big reveal was in AC3? up to that point you believed you were working for the Assassins, every indicator was masterfully directed towards that end, making that moment at the end when the big reveal hits you a mind blower. Also notice how pre Reveal all of Haytham's men are well groomed, congenial, polite and even in some cases gentlemanly. When the story switched to Connor suddenly they looked disheveled, raving and insane in some cases. Charles Lee was a prime example, after you take over Connor his hair becomes disheveled, his eyes become manic looking, his speech patterns turn from cultured strength to aggressive insanity, he literally takes on the persona of a demon in human form to young Connor. Its all a matter of perspective and thats shown many times through out the series.

Aveline was another, the very obvious tampering with the memory was supposed to show how Aveline was duped by her step mother and how the step mother was evil. but all we have is the word of the mysterious Erudito Collective, how do we know their "truth" wasn't actually manipulated (cleverly making you assist them to make you believe a great truth is being revealed) to show Aveline's step mother as evil?

Rogue shows a group of Templar's (now to be fair I have not completed the entire story so I don't know how it ends but im very close to the end) who earnestly believe they are doing the right thing. Even then i'm still seeing a tainted view of them and suspecting treachery at every corner when playing the game, because of all the pro assassin "propaganda" that has come before in the form of the stories told in other games by assassins. Also even though Rogue reuses assets and plot devices from BF and AC3 it feels fresh to me BECAUSE of the fact i'm playing a Templar.


So in closing I will say that I think a Templar Spin off for the above reasons. I for one would buy it.

03-13-2015, 01:25 AM
I've always thought Haythams story from teenager up to rogue would be great

03-13-2015, 04:56 PM
I've always thought Haythams story from teenager up to rogue would be great

Sadly that's unlikely since they already told us pretty much everything about him in AC Forsaken :(

I wouldn't mind seeing a game with someone we've already seen, like De Molay's accomplice. I'm pretty sure he's a fictional character. Overall, I think it would be a good idea for Ubisoft to give one branch the task of releasing a templar spin-off game for last gen, except with a new UI, and much more innovation. The graphics, though, I don't expect to be changed. If it were up to me, it wouldn't be a yearly release, and neither would the Assassin games, but they'd both just be worked on until completely finished. This is off-topic, but I hate how they set themselves a release date before they're even close to done with the game, that's what I think the problem with annualization is.

03-13-2015, 07:09 PM
I would love to have a Elise spin-off to get more background of how she helped Arno. Of course from the start that she became a Templar untill well...

03-13-2015, 08:19 PM
I would rather have a Protagonist who were a high ranking Templar trained to kill Assassins but leaves the Templar Order after realizing how fanatic and dangerous both Orders are for humanity and decides to fight against both the Assassins and Templars and assassinate on both sides to protect the people and his/her country from both orders. That way we could se more of this gray area in both ideologies by being an outsider instead of being a part of either side :cool: