View Full Version : PS4 Prison Break by david50100

03-09-2015, 06:19 PM
Prison Break can be found HERE (http://far-cry.ubi.com/en-GB/community/maps-details.aspx?platform=ps4,mapId=36659)in the online map browser so add it to your favourites and give it a go.


The map starts off at a good pace then it all goes relentless as they keep coming at you, moving forward I thought blowing up the truck would be close to the end with a couple of sniper towers and a heavy guy but how wrong I was.

In the end I had to do a runner and leg it to the extraction point, very difficult this map because a lot of the time you are in confined spaces - I think in COOP it will be a right blast and a lot of fun.

Nicely made - DAVIDLEONARD also made The Walking Dead and Northern Lights which are also good maps to check out.

03-10-2015, 01:55 PM
It seems a challenging map and very well done. I'll try.