View Full Version : Played all multiplayer games, now where's my reward?

03-04-2015, 03:47 AM
I've leveled up some in all of the AC multiplayer games (Brotherhood, Rev, 3, and 4) but it will not unlock the exclusive rewards in AC4 MP for playing all of the games. It's suppose to unlock some relics (puppets, and the Loyalist Puppet set) as well as the Assassin's insignia as an emblem, and I think some title.... but I mostly care about the emblem. Some how my brother got it and when I asked him about he he said he just played a few matches per game, which was what I did and still didn't get it.

Has anyone gotten the exclusive rewards for playing all of the MP games, if so was there something specific to do? Like needing to play all game types or getting to a certain level to count?

If it helps, when I glace other to my "AC Legacy" that shows the other games while in the AC4 lobby, it only has little dashes for each of my games as it I never started them, but I have gotten at between 6 and 37 between the games.

Any help is grateful at this point cause I'm stuck in what to do besides play more on all of them. (At least my Initiates is reading my ranking correcting.)