View Full Version : XBOne ZajacAssassins - Club - competitive players

03-03-2015, 01:17 PM
Hello assassins.

I'm looking for competitive players to join my club, currently we have around 30/50 members.

Platform - XBOX ONE

Club - ZajacAssassins

Tag - ZA55

Leader - ABlackHorse1983 (100% game sync)

Division - Gold I

Wins - 4

Latest Score - 3 500 000 creed points

What you can get:

- be part of them Gold I division club

- get weekly prizes, unlock new gear

- help with progress (sync points, gold, creed points)

- club perks - 1,5x creed point multiplier

What I demand from you:

- willingness to learn

- be a team player, communication is a must

- help to achieve top1 club per weekly basis

- farm creed points when there is a need:

2 assassins group: tag + cherry + double sync kill combos, tag + stun + double sync kill combos

3-4 assassins group: legendary (or quadra) sync kill combos