View Full Version : PS4 Desert Demo Derby by D3athxCAST3R

03-02-2015, 08:27 PM

**** visuals, the map looks like it took 15 mins to make but it was actually fun to play, although you have infinite ammo this works because if you had to keep leaving the vehicle to get ammo it would take away what the map is all about (or it would for me anyway)

I think if one of these types of map was made a lot better with really nice visuals and more orientated for coop play then it could be very popular - as it is this map has loads and loads of downloads in it's basic form - is one of those Top Rated maps so I thought I would check it out.

So what does that tell us - maybe people just want silly fun and don't give a crap about the looks which could be why almost all the maps I randomly join appear to be rushed or have not had a lot of time spent on them.

Am I glad I tried it - sure it was ok but not a keeper but as I said the idea of driving around running people over works so maybe someone will build a map like this that will be just to addictive and fun to pass up on.