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03-02-2015, 03:58 PM

The game speedrunning community is growing pretty fast these days, and we wanted to find out how it’s affecting Trials. To do so we contacted one of the masterminds behind Trials Fusion speedrunning, the owl himself, Mr. TheBlazeJp.

Well known in the Trials community from his World Record setting runs, and Trials community representation all around the world, TheBlazeJp has been in Trials World Championship 2013 Finals, and in not one, but two speedrunning events hosted by Games Done Quick (https://gamesdonequick.com/). We wanted to know how he got to this point and we’re taking you along to find out.


What got you hooked on Trials?
I remember it like it was yesterday, a couple of friends in an Xbox Live chat were getting really competitive over some of the skill game leaderboards on Trials Evolution. After about a week or so of listening to them beating each other’s scores, not knowing what they were talking about, I decided to download the game myself and see what it was all about. I got hooked from the off competing with them on the skill games. It wasn’t until 3 months later that I actually started to learn the main game. For the first few months I was just addicted to playing the skill games, which is funny when I look back at it.

You are probably best known for your full game and category speedruns. What attracted you to speedrunning?
The first week that I came across the streaming website Twitch, I stumbled across streams where the streamer would be speedrunning an entire game from 0% to any% or 100% for example. I remember the first streams I saw people do this in. I’d watch The Legend of Zelda or Mario speedrunners and be sitting there watching them and thought to myself this is awesome. I looked around and nobody had yet tried this with Trials so I gave it a go and it went down great with those who watched. After that I began to develop routes, plans and strategies to save time and it just grew and evolved from that moment and I have been doing it ever since.

You’ve done speedrunning on other games also, how does Trials Fusion differ from those games?
A lot of speedruns of different games have game breaking glitches, for example; moments where you leave the playing area intended by the creators to cut corners or skip battles or where you get launched across big distances or skip a level load. Trials is very unique in its speedruns because there aren’t these kind of things in the game. With Trials speedrunning the skillset that matters most is your consistency levels; not faulting on many tracks in a row. Optimizing menu navigation to input directions before screens load in the menus, memorizing thresholds for medal requirements and becoming adept and consistent at all the different skill game mechanics. 1 fault in a Trials speedrun can lose you a personal best or a world record because medal counts are everything when you need to unlock chapters and bikes to progress with the game.


Streaming and Speedrunning seem to go hand in hand? How do you think the two complement each other?
Speedrunning makes for a great watch for viewers on Twitch.tv because the content they are watching is always changing and in the space of an hour a viewer can experience the whole game which is great for people new to Trials or who may have never played the game before. On top of that, with the veterans who watch, the prospect of a potential world record or personal best always fires the chat up when you have a good pace and you see that green split time negative. Even when you’re on a great run and fail at the last hurdle you have those who like to watch Trials speedruns loving those moments. There is always a good joke or two thrown around when this happens. And of course on the rare occasion where you’re on a world record run going in to the last minute of a speedrun when the chat freezes and slows down immensely and then explodes when you pass that final finish line to where you can’t keep up. These are the sort of moments that make streaming and speedrunning an awesome experience.

You’ve been to AGDQ and SGDQ, how does it compare to speedrunning on your own stream?
For the past two charity marathons I've attended and run Trials speedruns at, it’s a great feeling to know you're helping to raise funds for a great cause. Speedrunning at home is more relaxing for sure because you're talking to viewers and interacting with the chat talking about any topic, and if you’re not happy with a runs’ progress or performance you can always reset and start fresh. At a live marathon you have to be prepared to put on the best show you can 1st shot. So there is a crazy amount of practice that goes into these runs in the months leading up to the events to make sure you’re at the top of your game and can put on a good show, not only with the gameplay but most importantly by practicing the commentary. The commentary is the most important thing that supplements the run especially, when there are close to 100,000 people watching over Twitch and you’re trying to be as entertaining as you can.


You’ve also been in the Trials World Championship 2013 Finals in Paris. What does it feel like playing Trials and representing the community live in front of thousands of people?
Honestly this is probably the hardest questions for me to answer. Coincidentally I recently spoke to a friend online about this who was also a competitor at the event TheBoshos. We were talking about some memories from the week and this came up in the discussion. We both had a similar experience with it in that we honestly paid little attention to the crowd and didn’t actually fully take it in until the moment we were no longer playing. We focused almost entirely on the gameplay at the event, I guess i could describe it as being phased out to your surroundings.


Once you stop playing you look up and then take it in. Tough for me to describe but a good way would be for me to run through one strong memory of the Final day and the last 3. During that moment of winning 4 out of 6 heats and then the 5th heat began on Inferno 3. Filled with adrenaline I tried a hard time saver that shouldn’t been attempted and at that moment of not gripping the 3rd pallet and faulting whilst watching the others pass me I had a sudden heavy feeling.

At the end of that heat I remember looking up for a brief moment and looking at the crowd and it wasn't until that moment that I noticed the scale of the audience. It honestly is a surreal experience and something that is hard to explain in words but was an awesome experience that in more ways than I thought has probably helped me not feel pressure at some of the charity live events I have been doing recently.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for Trials riders who want to start Speedrunning and breaking some records?
Absolutely, The first thing I say to everyone who wants to speedrun Trials is to invest your time into learning the game and bike techniques first. Climbing those leaderboards goes a long way to getting your consistency levels up. Tournaments are probably the best way to build up consistency on tracks back to back. After that its all about picking a category you like the look of and learning the route and tricks. Watch record runs and study them to learn the run. If you're serious about getting in to speedrunning and going for some records or personal bests get ahold of me I can send you the routes for any category which is a great way to learn the route and get that muscle memory going.

This is your spot, is there anything else you’d like to say to the Trials community?
I touched on it before but for those who are interested in getting involved with the speedrunning scene with Trials, We have a database of category world records (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1015437-Fusion-Evolution-and-HD-Full-game-and-category-Speedrunning-Megathread) over at the Trials Forums with videos of the record runs and explanation breakdowns of categories as well as archived footage of previous GDQ marathon runs. Any questions about anything related to speedrunning Trials drop it in the thread or hit me up on Twitter (https://twitter.com/TheBlazeJp).

It has been a blast, and this has for sure been fun.

Keep riding Everyone!

- TheBlazeJp

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My hero.

I like the crowd reaction shortly after an hour and nine minutes into the SGDQ video when you execute the miraculous save, Blaze.

Well done sir. Well done indeed.

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1:09:30 - 1:10:00

I love it.

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Ze Blazé, as the french call him.
JP stands for Jean-Pierre right?? :p