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02-27-2015, 07:29 PM
I’ve played the entire franchise, some multiple times. While I think appreciation should be given toward Ubi for giving us one last PS3 run, this one doesn’t end with a bang but with a groan. Perhaps it’s pressure on the gaming industry in general that leaves us with such lame tasks as collecting shiny things versus… oh, I dunno… It’s called “Assassin’s Creed,” right? It’s not called, “Irish Treasure Hunter..” I missed the stalking, sneaking and stabbing. Yeah, I get that we’re playing as a Templar, but would it not be safe to assume that they did more than raid warehouses and hunt beavers and those silly deer?

The sea battles, again, were cool. But the player movement seemed downright funny, although frustrating at times. Simply traversing the ship to the wheel was a repetitive chore interspersed with unplanned climbs up on top of cannons, hanging up here and there, and sometimes accidently actuating that pulley that flings you up onto the upper platforms. I could have gotten there quicker on crutches.

Overall I liked the characters, I have a crush on Kenway anyway.. nice to see him again. Sad this was such a “hunt and fetch,” game. Did anyone actually care about those gozillion treasure maps? Also, all that hunting down those precursor columns that led to a disappointing award of a silly set of armor that did nothing. What happened to the precursor thing? I collected crap here and there, was I supposed to “watch the movie?” I didn’t pay for a film, I paid for an immersive console gaming experience.
No where near in the same class as ACII or brotherhood, even the original shines in comparison. Again, a nod to Ubi for tossing us a PS3 offering. Maybe I’m just, “over it.” That would be a sad day indeed.

02-27-2015, 07:41 PM
I'm sorry, I don't understand your disappointment. You don't like Rogue because it has more content than the usual stalking, sneaking, and stabbing? Or you just don't like the content? Both?

The first game is indeed the purest, but you're stretching it 2 and Brotherhood. Not because I believe those games aren't better, but because they can also be identified as ''Italian Treasure Hunter''.

02-27-2015, 07:57 PM
More doesn't always mean better. There used to be what I felt was a better balance, even up to and including AC R. In this one, there were no Assassin side missions other than racing around stabbing would-be stalkers that were easy to catch. Sail to a new place, yup, collect shiny crap, sail on. With luck, maybe a warehouse to raid. That was perhaps the most enjoyable part of the ground side missions for me.

02-27-2015, 08:08 PM
So you just don't like the side content. That's fine.

Assassin Hideouts, Assassin Interceptions, forts, warehouse, supply camps, hunting, naval still better content than the Ezio Trilogy, IMO.

02-27-2015, 09:11 PM
I don't want to play a new game every year just to stalk vaguely historical people and stab them. I get AC so I can experience history in a video game form. So, AC3 was an assassin game, but it was also a frontiersman game. AC4 was an assassin game, but it was also a pirate game. That's the whole reason why Unity sucked; it didn't have anything else to do, practically. It wasn't an assassin game and a revolutionary game; just an assassin game.

It would get very tedious if they stripped out the side activities that give the series their remarkable variety.

02-28-2015, 05:05 AM
I can roll with you Texas on that, that it would be very tedious if they stripped out the side activities. Maybe a bit more variety in side activities, or side activities that add real meaning to the story. I also enjoy experiencing the version of history, one of the hallmarks of the franchise. Who can forget the first time Damascus or Florence painted across the screen? It made me actually research and learn about Machiavelli, Mary the Pirate, and Saladin. I also learned that the first couple and a half of AC's were loosely based on a series of books written in the 80's, DiscWorld by Terry Pratchett. They're fun books. Overall, I love the franchise. I guess I'm missing some of the WTF story elements experienced prior. For me, it's an old shoe. It fits comfortably when I pick up the controller and know just how Altair/Ezio/Conner will react, I should probably quit expecting it to feel like a brand new set of boots.

All - I wish I could change the title of this to "Put On Your Seat Belt." That's what Rogue is. I just started Unity on PS4... HOLY CATS. WOW. Awesome... not because it's a cool word, which it is, but because it truly inspires awe. Get ready, folks.