View Full Version : AC1 combat training issue

02-27-2015, 05:08 PM
Long story short, I finally picked up a 360 and the first game I wanted to play was AC (Loved PoP, and heard it was the spiritual successor). However, I've gotten to one point and the game seems to be glitching on me.

So, I was stabbed, then brought back to life and had all gear and skills stripped away. Then I eavesdrop and get my longsword and hidden blade back. I go to the combat training and I'm in the ring with two guys. I have no problem doing heavy strike, quick strike, or grab. However, I see the prompt for counterattack for a split second, but while I'm blocking one guy, the other swings at me and the screen prompts me to hit LT. I do, and the counter attack pops up for a a split-second before the first guy attacks me, and the LT prompt comes back up. Repeat ad nauseum. I can't read the counter attack prompt because every time I I hit LT, both guys attack me, and as soon as the guy I'm not focused on strikes me, LT Prompt. I've tried throwing them and getting to the opposite side of the training ring but they both pop back up and attack before I can read what to do.

I get frustrated, but when I leave, it sounds like I haven't finished the training. Is there something I'm missing, or is my copy glitching?