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03-24-2004, 08:10 PM
I know Germany had a deal with japan in WWII,but I didnt know the Japan had the 109?


03-24-2004, 08:10 PM
I know Germany had a deal with japan in WWII,but I didnt know the Japan had the 109?


03-24-2004, 08:48 PM
you may also want to read this as Germany sent a Fw-190 A5 to japan in 1943

FW-190 A-5
Showa 18 (1943) the Army imported one plane from Germany transferred in a submarine.Tests between this plane and the Ki-84 and other single seat fighters were contacted mainly in Fusa airfield. Compared to other Japanese fighters, it was better in acceleration, climbing performance, armament etc. Furthermore, it was an inspirational design and Japanese airplane manufacturers learned a lot regarding mass production planning and techniques. Together with the Me-210A the were the last planes imported by Japan.
There were plans to import from Germany FW200 Condor four engine bomber, Me-163 rocket fighter, Me-262 jet fighter but the war situation didn't permit the realization of these plans. Only the drawings of Me-163 and Me-262 reached Japan through submarine.


In charge of the tests contacted with the FW-190 in Fusa was shosa (Lieutenant Commander) Jimbo who was second in command of the Ki-84 tests.
Second in command of the FW-190 tests was shosa (LCDR) Aramaki.
Since LCDR Jimbo died during the war, the following is the account of LCDR Aramaki.
October 1943. (A short history similar to the information found in Encyclopedia)...LCDR Aramaki, who was averagely built for a Japanese pilot, found the size of the cockpit of FW-190 exactly to his measurements, neither too narrow as in BF-109E, nor too spacious as in P-40. During take-off it didn't have deflection tendencies and had very good response to controls, going straight.
It had adequate climbing power and its acceleration speed during vertical flying, was exceptional. Responded very good to controls during maneuvering and although it didn't have the diving acceleration speed of BF-109, it was good enough. According to LCDR Aramaki plane's total performance was between Type 4 (Ki-84 Hayate) and Type 5 (Ki-100) fighters.
But the high reliability of the electric systems of the plane was exceptional and the difference in the manufacturing level was apparent everywhere.
From the top three planes that were test flown (BF-109E7, FW-190 A5, P-51C)
the best was FW-190A5.

Juni () Takezawa Toshiro remembers that the Focke-Wulf was a good plane, better that the Messerschmitt. Compared with the Messerschmitt, the Ki-61 was a better plane but in order to combat fighters, the FW was better than Ki-61 because the engine was more reliable. But the P-51 was better than the FW.
The four 20mm cannons and the two 7.92mm machine guns that the FW had, were more powerful than any Japanese single fighter had. Nevertheless, the range of Type 2 fighter (Ki-44 Shoki) was better."


03-24-2004, 11:08 PM
One of the subs that didn't make it to Japan was the U-235-carrying U-234. This sub also had an Me 262 on board. Its an interesting story, at least. Theres a show about it on the History Channel.

03-25-2004, 07:09 AM
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And Great reading material Snow_Wolf_... Thank's for taking the time to post this information.

03-25-2004, 11:19 AM
maybe this is interesting for japanese plane enthusiasts. My wife's godfather was a test pilot in japan in the second world war. I have met him once and he told me that he was involved in testing a rocket powered aircraft. I hope to see him again and if possible i will interview him about his experiences (if my wife will translate). The first thing i would like clarify is exactly what type (or types) of aircraft he flew. I have photographs of the J8M1 Shusui and the piloted bombs to show him but i would appreciate if anyone could tell me if any other rocket powered aircraft were tested in japan, just in case he flew a different type. My book collection is in another country at the moment so my access to information is limited so any info would be great.


ps. he also flew piston engine fighters, inlcuding a plane which causes a few arguments on this board so if i can get any comments about flight performance/characteristics i will post it here.