View Full Version : Please help sine uplay tech support wont :(

02-26-2015, 01:51 AM
So recently I have bought this game and started downloading it through Uplay app and once the game is downloaded I start to install it and when comes time for Yeti.big it drops me that CRC error (if I remember correct) and says that my media is damaged (what media if game was downloaded) and I should contact tech support... And since they wont contact me back after some time I decided to delete entire Uplay app files and everything that came with it and reinstalled Uplay, updated my drivers and everythjng else I could think of... So I downloaded game again and same thing again... Guess I wont download game through their official ways, so it is time to turn to "unofficial" ways... My question is can I download game from some unofficial sites (like torrents and other similar sites) and then run it through Uplay app? Will uplay recognize it as a game and make it possible to run it that way since I dont see different way to play game that I paid for... I have played the game like 2 years ago on same pc with same configuratio that I am trying to install it on today so I dont think it is problem with my pc...

Sorry for longer post... Hope someone can help me with this :)

02-26-2015, 10:46 PM
actually your anty virus software could be getting in the way of install process... disable it for the time of downloading and installing the game

just the first thing that came to my mind since you didn't give any specifics as what OS you have :)

this is digital content so what you actually bought from ubi is the serial number,
guess the place you get your copy from doesn't matter as long as you have a right to own one (have serial number)
uplay was just updated and they 'fixed' some issues with finding Ubi games already installed on your PC... so yup, you can give it a try if that advice above doesn't do the trick

welcome back!

02-28-2015, 03:51 PM
yea, I tried to disable anti-virus too, just forgot to mention it... It was still the same...

Thanks for help, I will try to find game online somewhere