View Full Version : Future multiplayer support

02-25-2015, 08:46 AM
I think they need to add legendery difficulty on co-op missions, no need to take it to far just add more hp and alot more dmg and it will make stealth play importent and make the risk real on every fight you choose to take face to face. And by doing this difficulty you gain more exp/money/creed points/ etc... towards the weekly leaderboard, and hopefully slowly add more items with better stats as club competition rewards as the weeks pass by ( again no need anything to complex maybe a small reskin or a low level item skin - some of those look awsome - with little more stats.. just something to give more depth to the co-op mode which is the social core of the game ).
I dont think that adding this will take much time from the devs ( altough i might be wrong ) but it will give alot of extra depth for those of us that love the co-op and the social aspects.
Anyhow if not for AC:Unity then i hope they will do more of this sort of things for Victory, with alittle more love and support they can make AC game that will have a big flow of players for many years and honestly i am ok with cash shop for the co-op part if that will make it happen ( as long as you can unlock the none cosmetic items from playing the game).
P.S I do hope that they will keep improving on the co-op mode in AC:Victory and i think that there are also great possibilities for a combination of pvp and pve with the club features from Unity instead of the traditional AC PvP mode of the last games.