View Full Version : Digital Pricing - Does Ubi have any say?

02-25-2015, 12:05 AM
I bring this question up because there is currently a Ubisoft sale going on right now.. sadly no Assassin's Creed is to be seen in this sale.
I've desperately been waiting for a discount in AC3's season pass since I got the 'your pre order EXCLUSIVE content is going to be in the season pass' middle finger
AKA I already spent $70 on AC3.. I wasnt about to spend $100..
AC3's season pass 2 and a half years later is still $30...
Does Ubisoft have any say in this?
Business wise to me this makes no sense to not adjust digital add ons.. Sure you have to discount AC3 to now 20 USD i believe because youre competing with physical and DLC isnt physical...
BUT doesnt it make more sense for the season pass to now be $10 (1/3 of the price as the full game is now 1/3 price)
I personally dont see someone sensibly paying $30 for dlc for a $20 game.. sure youll get 1/10 gamers...
100 gamers thats $300 (being very generous as only 1.2% of trophy hunters purchased the dlc in its life time :X)
But adjust DLC with game price and im sure that increases to at least 2/5 buying add on... especially with trophies
now out of 100 gamers youre making $400 :O
My point is...
DLC is ridiculous as a non adjustable product... do some sort of study and please make AC3 season pass the game you test this theory with hahahahhaha