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02-23-2015, 03:11 AM
Personally I loved Unity, even beyond the issues it had.. The graphics and art were the highlights

Here are somethings I think are a must in Victory

1. Bring back The character running load screen.. It's iconic to the game series

2. A more solid storyline.. This includes a better modern day setting. Currently There is too much gap and incoherency in the story.. Which I hate, and gives me a feeling that the series is being milked.

3. We need more innovative fighting techniques and missions.. Thumbs up to the grappling hook

4. Apart from just the London City we would like to travel around some more iconic places , with more scope for exploration .. More life like NPC's will be appreciated

Looking forward to Victory.. @MR.Shade I would really appreciate if you pass these things on to the Dev Team.... Good luck Ubisoft Quebec :D:)

02-23-2015, 05:36 AM
Other suggestions

1. Better weather effects (clothing getting wet, wet surfaces, etc..) I mean, Unity's weather looked pretty bad, especially compared to AC3 and Black Flag. Clothing didn't even get wet, a feature that has been present since AC2!

2. Combat tweaks - The combat in Unity is way too clunky. I get that they tried to make it harder, but it was way more fun in AC3. Bring back that fluidity, with loads of weapon types and animations.

3. Daggers + Hidden Blade combat - Had some epic animations in all of the AC games. No clue as to why Hidden blade and unarmed combat were omitted from Unity.

4. Horse riding

5. Whistling to attract enemies

6. Picking up weapons

02-23-2015, 03:59 PM
+ Less crowded streets.
+ Make modern day setting OR a the protagonist daily job beside assassin like ezio's father running a bank ( -> like another super hero)
+ Make more stunning outfits for the assassins -?
+ More badass mechanic old weapons.
+ Need a better companion on the singleplay mission than elise . She was somewhere else because it was easier to sneak in. I think the boy in the dead king DLC is better because he still talking with me. (But i still love elise^^). I have this idea from bioshock, the last of us,resident evil... It might work.
+ Link some of side quests to the main mission to make it easier (like allies, opportunity)-> lot more fun than arno standing on the roof and "zoom in".

I hope ubisoft will success with AC victory:cool:

02-23-2015, 04:21 PM
1. More than one save slot!
2. A better story; if at all possible, start a meaningful present time story arc; do not add new "mythological" stuff.
3. Ability to move bodies (and other things that make sense and used to be possible in AC games).

02-23-2015, 07:37 PM
- Enemies run in fear when you killed 4+
- Secret tombs
- Current day missions (Helix is boring)
- Buy weapons, clothing, etc in SHOPS throughout the city and not through a menu
- Learn basic skills in game and not make use buy them with points
- Remove the points and only leave the money
- NO companion app AND initiates integration
- Gliding/parachute and /or ziplines
- Probably more (will edit if more comes in the mind)

02-24-2015, 01:40 AM
I think they've been developing it for years and it is in it's last 7 months... but if anything can be added that isn't included....

@RVSAGE a good story line would be great for AC Victory (I still feel Unity story line was edited down so the game could be released and if that is the case I hope a DIRECTORS CUT is released with more story and better links for UNITY) :D

The grappling hook is nice ( I notice that things from different games tend to migrate... the grappling hook was in FC4 so I expected it sometime in AC... and parkour will possibly go the other way ;))

Definitely NPC's... whichever Team was responsible for them deserves an award they have been brilliant just to watch... As Unity has set a precedent I expect Victory and future games to go on to fulfill the potential

@TGP yes I loved the horse riding and always want that whenever the opportunity comes up... whistling or anyway to get enemies near hiding places would be great... I've been getting them to chase me to a hiding spot then using a smoke bomb to hide me getting in to the hiding place... but sometimes, they're still not near enough to kill

@Lignjoslav yes more save slots... I think it can be done by renaming the 720 folder maybe 720L1 then 720L2 and 720L3.... it is probably possible to play up to a certain point and copy the 720 folder as 720x and every time you want to replay.. you just change the existing 720 folder name and then make a copy of 720x and rename it 720... so you are always starting at a place you prefer instead of the beginning :D but save slot would be better.

Moving bodies would be good as I could use them to attract guards to a kill point/ hiding place

@Th3r4bb1t we do have the dead kings kill the leader to scatter enemies so I hope something like that is in the game... but again only in certain sequences, I don't want all my kill points running away ;)

I do not like the present day stuff as it breaks my immersion... 1 minute I'm sailing and in a sea battle with a fort and ships then I'm in an office playing frogger on a pc to hack it :confused: but the rift missions are not my favourite... BUT they could have been if we had jumped into Ezio or Edward or Altair for some story line missions... I'd prefer visiting or playing as old Assassins to Desmond but I know people like that... I just play Far Cry or Watch Dogs for modern day stuff.

Renovating shops and buying clothing armour etc and missions like the homestead missions yes please... definitely like to see that again.
I think the grappling hook will be like FC4 and let us swing to reach places instead of ziplines but I loved Revelations.

02-24-2015, 01:52 AM
A manual save option, so I can save the game (ok, not in fights) when I will, not when the game will.

02-24-2015, 04:49 AM
I only have a few things I would like to see in AC:V;

1: A modern day that isn't just a bunch of cutscenes (seriously Ubisoft pls)

2: "white room" scenes instead of looking through the memories of your victim.

3: I think "combo counter kills" should return. However, I think they should be much harder to perform (harder AI, etc...)

4: Assassin allies (assassins in general actually counting Rogue's assassins) that aren't jerks.

5: Like strigoi1958 (http://forums.ubi.com/member.php/632944-strigoi1958) said, the renovation system should return. However, the shops that you renovate, should have a bit of variety (clothing/armor shops, food stores, weapon/ammo shops, etc....)

6: Horses.....just..horses

7: I, like other people posting in this thread, would love to have better saving options. Also, I assume it's implied that this includes multiple save games as well...if not, I want that too lol :P

8: Finally, I just want them to care about PC for once. it's sad when the recommended specs (or even higher for that matter) for Unity can't even give you a constant 60+ FPS at 1080p. I can only hope Ubi will listen and actually let us properly player their games...

02-24-2015, 05:52 PM
@strigoi1958.. yes it is late into development.. If they can't modify story much.. They could at least get back the old loading screen.. I feel like an eternity when i wait in the new loading screen..and add a save slot.. I am sure these two things are very much doable at this stage

02-24-2015, 06:03 PM
I do not know about the grappling hook, I know it from Tomb Raider (who had it first I think) and it will work better in big areas. I fear Victory will be only in London and not go far outside. So it will be forced to be used on places that it is not actually needed. One thing I REALLY want is to have smooth controls on the PC and not the slow combat and late reactions when you freerun.

The point system may disappear, please... It just s**** to search for skill points to unlock skills you actually should get playing the main missions or maybe some side missions (for lock picking maybe). So it will be more challenging to get them all unlocked.

Things them may leave out:
- the f***ing riddles
- the detective parts (murder missions)

02-25-2015, 01:19 AM
I'm hoping the story is well developed we have a good platform now and Unity has shown incredible potential... it is great that they change and mix things up a bit as it brings new things but at the same time they might want to note the feedback so they can retain the basic things that the majority like. :D Even if it is done in a different way...

The renovations, homestead missions and trading of previous games gave me a feeling of belonging to a community.... in fact it would be a great idea if team members could even have a trade where we could fix or make then barter or sell items to other members. I did like crafting bombs :D especially the traps.

Yes Tomb raider grappling hook... I should have remembered that as I am 30% of the way through tomb raider and AC3 and Farcry3 when I stopped to play Unity and FC4... also the tomb raider type chests would be good if they do not go back to the AC3 style of lock picking.

loading screens do lack something in unity so even if the running or a random previous assassin popped up with data or a small animation it would be better :D and adding a save slot or 2 would probably take an hour or 2 :D

The riddles were a bit vague for me... they could have been more enjoyable if they were easier to work out the location... I don't mind taking time to search an area or building. the projector puzzles were better in AC3 for me.

02-25-2015, 04:04 AM
Combat tweaks - The combat in Unity is way too clunky. I get that they tried to make it harder, but it was way more fun in AC3. Bring back that fluidity, with loads of weapon types and animations.

Key word: FLUIDITY. Don't just revert back to the combat of those games. Allow the player to fight fluidly if they have learned the mechanics enough to do so. Don't make it ridiculously easy (like AC3/4 combat) so that anyone can fight fluidly.

Daggers + Hidden Blade combat - Had some epic animations in all of the AC games. No clue as to why Hidden blade and unarmed combat were omitted from Unity.

Agreed. While I personally don't like fighting with them unless required or I don't have time to pull out my sword I understand that others do and should have the option do so. The animations are badass too :D

Whistling to attract enemies

Very useful mechanic. Make it happen Ubisoft!

+ Less crowded streets.


+ Link some of side quests to the main mission to make it easier

Another good idea. It's great when games link the missions like this :D

- Enemies run in fear when you killed 4+

Yes but only if you kill them in quick succession. If there's 10 guards surrounding you and you take 2-3 minutes to kill 4 the other 6 shouldn't just leg it.

- Current day missions

+1. After Assassin's Creed 3 finished all the central characters had passed and the main plot was done. While Black Flag was a great game (as was Unity bar it's technical issues) I got the feeling they didn't really know what they were doing with the series. They just picked a time period and threw you in (which is fine but having a solid story gives more purpose to what you're doing meaning it's more enjoyable). While AC4's story was good (still haven't passed sequence 5 in Unity so can't speak for it) it felt like it was very much centered in the past and the modern day story wasn't an important part as it was with everything pre-AC4.

- Buy weapons, clothing, etc in SHOPS throughout the city and not through a menu


- Learn basic skills in game and not make use buy them with points


- Remove the points and only leave the money


- NO companion app AND initiates integration


02-25-2015, 06:38 AM
1. hand-to-hand, unarmed combat
2. sleep darts
3. whistling
4. moving bodies
5. limit on how many weapons you can carry. Make us GO BACK to a safe-house to load up. It makes us think about what we carry.
6. rope darts
7. a merchant system that integrates with the game. In Unity, we buy cafes ... the end. I preferred in AC3 how the side missions MATTERED. I would love to see us HELP ordinary people who then become available to help us, as spies, couriers, suppliers, or opening safe-houses, etc.
8. a lock-picking system that ACTS like picking a lock, and not ACU's stop-at-the-right-second twitchy nonsense.
9. fast-travel using a carriage (taxi?)
10. strong plot with intrigue
11. KEEP Unity's mysteries. I loved the mysteries.
12. Reduce the number of chests and have the chests MATTER. Don't just have random chests all over the outdoors like the ubiquitous exploding barrels of old FPS games. Make opening a chest like ROBBING someone's house. Put money, clothes, or other important things in there.
13. Have the collectibles matter. Cockades? Hats? No. Just no. How about collecting something that somehow ADDS to the game or story? How about collecting PIECES that eventually MAKE something? Like a weapon, or machine, or something like that? Like the pieces of a key? Or the pages of a book that reveals something about the story?
14. Treasure maps. I loved the treasure maps in Black Flag.
15. How about a storyline that is NOT based on the protagonist avenging the death of a loved one?
16. I didn't like how DISGUISE was handled in ACU ... as if it's a magical ability that you can turn on and off. I'd rather you have an OUTFIT that you can only change into in a safe-house or shop, and that as long as you wear it, it allows you access. Soldier's uniform, police uniform, servant's outfit, etc. As well, it would be interesting if SOME outfits can affect how people treat you, a la Assassin's Creed Liberation.
17. reduce the amount of guns and shooting, have better dodging (if I dodge, it takes them time to reacquire aim), and human shields.
18. more ability to customize the appearance of the Assassin: beard, mustache, facial features, etc.
19. Have MORE than one assassin with differing abilities, strengths and weaknesses (male and female), and let you switch between them (like between Batman and Catwoman in Arkham City, for example).
20. I like that you can have different clothes that have different affects on what you can carry, moving silently, armor, etc. Keep that.
21. No companion app. No content locked behind initiates.
22. Instead of team vs. team coop competitions, why not something more COOPERATIVE where the community as a whole tries to achieve a certain goal, like a certain number of berserk kills, in a certain amount of time, and everyone who participates wins the prize? The idea being that in coop games, it will matter less WHO makes the kill as long as the kill is made, and there could be more opportunity to promote TEAMWORK over individuals running around scoring points for THEMSELVES.

02-25-2015, 08:12 AM
Regarding the economy, the fairly shallow AC2-like way of earning money where you purchase renovations and from then on have too much money is not ideal, but I really didn't like the implementation in AC3. While it was interesting in theory, in practice it was actually pretty simplistic (find products with good margins, make/acquire them and sell them). It also wasn't really fun, yet you had to spend a lot of time at it if you wanted to earn significant amounts of money, and making money is, at best, a secondary matter in AC. At least in Unity, compared with AC2, health potions are expensive, so you only earn around 4 health potions every 20 minutes.

Speaking of health, I actually liked the AC1 take on things: you're trying to maintain synchronization with what happened in the past; if you're not doing well, you may get desynched; you don't remedy things by popping medicine because it's not how things happened, instead, synchronization is restored when you regain the control over the situation. Apart from making sense, that also means that, when things get rough, you don't pop a pill (and another, and another...), you run for your dear life.

And speaking of running, one thing that quickly became obvious to me was that guards in Unity are dumber than those in the previous AC games! They never seem to search haystacks and other places like they do in the previous installments.

As for things that get unlocked through co-op, I would make those community goals, like multiplayer events in AC3, where everyone contributed towards an overall goal, and after it was met, everyone got the reward.

02-27-2015, 02:38 PM
Make the characters faces more crisp and fresh please, they look so blurry and ugly in Unity. It's like the whole game's graphics are great but when it comes to the characters faces they look like made from a different engine or something.

Also bring New Game slots back, there should be at least 3 of them like in AC2 or Brotherhood.

Dynamic weather; it was great in Watch Dogs, all the rain effects. But in Unity it just rained, no wet effects anywhere. Please show the care that you've showed in Watch Dogs also in Victory.

Make some great music like in AC2 and Brotherhood. There was almost no music Unity. It is very important in terms of atmosphere.

And write a better, solid, interesting storyline.

Thank you

02-28-2015, 05:24 AM
Day/Night Cycle
Darker Night
Better weather effects.
Longer, realistic rain time.
Hidden blade + unarmed combat.
Perhaps a counter kill ability after a few kills.
No things like Helix points and Companion app
Whistling/more in open areas,Maybe make knocking sounds/more indoors.
Character running load screen
Pickup bodies and weapons
Historical missions and Character missions.
Can't change equipment randomly.
Unique locations

02-28-2015, 02:30 PM
I can't believe I forgot this: locking on to targets! It's so annoying and fiddly and unnecessarily inconvenient to wiggle your viewpoint so that the game will highlight the desired target.