View Full Version : Has Patch 5 really fixed all weapon glitches?

02-21-2015, 10:28 PM
Guys, or ubi staffs, what I really wanna know is, is patch 5 really fixed all weapon glitches?

Why would I ask such question? As most of u know, 1 of the contents in patch 5 is fixed weapons relocked problem. But I dun know has it really correct all weapon glitch?

As far as I am concern, there are 2 main kinds of "weapon glitch"

1. Weapons unlocked but unequippable. This happens to most of the chests and missions related weapons and armors. That means the gear (weapon or armor) unlocked by chests and missions but can't be equipped. Neither there were hack or upgrade options. I believed this happened between patches (maybe between patch 2, 3 or 4). I had it too but as soon as I downloaded patch 5 it was alright, though I can't speak for everyone for certain. The most infamous case about this issue is the sword "eagle of suger", unlocked from dead kings mission, and numerous of players experienced this, as unlock the sword but can't equip it.

2. Worst of it all, keep losing weapons when u switch weapons. I think maybe lots of u have it but didn't notice. The thing about this glitch is, it doesn't happen to all weapons but only some of them, and it is different for everyone of us. Some of us may have it in sword, some in guns... U may find out u have it 1 day when u buy certain weapons. The issue is, when u buy and switch to a new weapon, the 1 u just used is lost, and u have to buy it again with money. And it would keep happening whenever u switch weapons.
I believed, as many players already know, the trigger of this is the weapon dlc pack "revolutionary armaments". If u download this dlc, u are almost guarenteed caught it. And once u caught it, it would stay in ur save file, regardless u delete the dlc from ur console or not. The only thing u can do is start over the game without the dlc.

And now my question is, is patch 5 really fix both of this weapon glitches? I ask because now there are several dlcs for unity, and I would like to download them only if the glitches are really fixed. So can anyone please advise?