View Full Version : Xbox One ICE COLD VENGEANCE 2 By ImGonaG3tUsucka

Kemet nubia
02-20-2015, 04:26 PM
Ice Cold Vengeance 2 By ImGonaG3tUsucka could be a title for a James Bond movie, this Far cry 4 map is beautifully crafted and engineered for a fun cooperative experience, set in a high snowy mountainous area you are able to recon the battlefield without being spotted but you have to find weapons in order to survive.. Good luck.


02-21-2015, 06:40 AM
Awesome job capturing the gameplay in the map, Kemet.

Its about time Hurk had his own video. I showed that snowmobile who's the boss. Lol. It looked like one of the enemies had a smile on his face during the t-bag.

ICE COLD REDEMPTION 2 was primarily made for coop, but can be played single player of course. Added more weapons, lowered the health, added another alarm and more enemies. So if you liked ICE COLD REDEMPTION, Grab a friend and play the harder co op version.

Thanks for making such a great video Kemet.

Kemet nubia
02-21-2015, 10:55 AM
Yeah thanks sucka, i was in tears playing cooperative, it was real fun and i couldn't stop laughing. there are some excellent shots in that video but i still have a lot to learn, thanks to Cap the quality turned out better than my other videos but i still can't help thinking i can squeeze more out of the quality,

02-19-2017, 11:28 AM
Really like this map, I had a good look around it today and saw bits which I missed when I last played it over a year ago, using the snow mobile you can so easily go past sections and this map has a lot of eye candy but done in a really neat way.

That icy waterfall where you can see water running down the back of it is great, love the snow on the hut roofs also - Also last time using the vehicles I didn't get to use the zipline and bridge which is an integral part of the map, so glad I had another bash on this.